Robotic Process Automation enables the automation of repetitive and mundane tasks – they can be done more quickly and more reliably than by a human.

RPA robots are not physical robots but rather software that is able to interact with a computer in the same way that we do. An RPA robot can simulate key presses, mouse movements and other physical actions. RPA process development is less intrusive, less risky, and quicker than traditional software development.


Continuous employee support

  1. Always on, always accurate

    RPA robots can operate fully 24/7 if required. Defined processes are executed flawlessly every time. RPA delivers both efficiency and accuracy for your most routine tasks.

  2. Free your people

    Your employees no longer need to undertake the most mundane tasks. Let an RPA robot do the boring bit and free your people to do something more interesting and challenging which brings greater value to your business.

  3. Ability to learn

    Using machine learning, RPA robots can learn on the job. They look for patterns in data to identify better ways of working.  This is where human interaction is invaluable – to confirm or deny that the learning is valid.

  4. Simple to configure and to change

    Following training and support and with a little experience, your employees should be able to create robotic processes for themselves; the people who understand your business best will be most able to add value to your business.

How we can help

Finding a sweet spot for RPA

RPA is best applied to rules based processes which operate in high volume environments where the process is standardised, using structured input data. A good example is undertaking data entry where data is extracted from several input sources. RPA is less suitable for low volume, cognitive processes where there is unstructured input and significant exception handling is required – especially where there is no standard manual process in place. Once we understand your organisation’s environment, appetite and intent for RPA, Objectivity will help you identify and assess target processes for suitability. We can also advise if there are more appropriate solutions, such as a COTS package, or if the ROI doesn’t stack up. Objectivity is able to work with many RPA products and we can advise you on which is the best fit for your organisation if you don’t already have a product strategy.

Finding a sweet spot for RPA
How we can help

RPA consulting

The value Objectivity brings to your RPA activity largely depends on where you are in the process of automation yourselves. If you are at the beginning, our consultants can assist you with the change management process and messaging within your organisation. We can help ensure you select the right product, processes and roadmap, assess the licensing arrangements and suitability for your own circumstances, deliver some quick wins to demonstrate the capability and benefits and equip you to carry on once we have left. If you already have some automation in place, we can assess whether the benefits have been realised, we can help you refine what you have deployed already, help you assess what to target next, or provide managed testing services to ensure that your deployment to the live environment is successful.

Objectivity digital services

To gain a more in-depth overview of our RPA service, see this summary.