Low Code

Time and efficiency are key factors when running a business. We will solve your most pressing business challenges, creating powerful apps - fast and efficient.

You don’t need to compromise and choose between core systems support and innovative projects. With the low code, you can speed innovation process, building and releasing applications quickly (even within 30 days). What’s most important - it all can be done without the risk of neglecting the core operations.

Creating business apps quickly and efficiently

What is Low-Code

  1. Predefined components

    • build an application with a set of ready-to-use elements.
  2. Graphical UI tools

    • utilise the what-you-see-is-what-you-get approach.
  3. Configuration of business rules & data model

    • design your business processes and data with visual diagrams.
  4. Easy E2E development process

    • leverage the cloud-first approach to run your application in minutes with integrated tools.
Why Low-Code

Accelerate and simplify your development

The traditional way applications are made and delivered must be changed if you want to stay ahead of your competition on the fast-changing market. IT must deliver quicker but can’t ignore high quality and UX/UI requirements.

Low code platforms creates an agile and collaborative environment for all team members. Both developers and business experts can work together: create, provide feedback and contribute to maximise the end result. With low code approach your applications can be released much faster than in a traditional way.

With low code platforms, you can have a working app in a few weeks. Moreover, when creating an application, you can interact with other people and verify requirements on a daily basis. It makes it possible to deliver an application that suits perfectly your business needs. The last thing that you should remember is that you can easily maintain and extend application in the future. As a Mendix Partner we use their low code development platform to develop web and mobile application at an enterprise scale.

Applications can be very complex and critical to the business operations. According to Forrester’s survey low code is not only suitable for small-scale applications. It allows rapid application development across mobile, tablet and responsive web.

According to Gartner, at least 50% of the newly developed applications will be created using low-code or no-code platforms by 2020.

Join the revolution now and let us guide you safely through that journey – do not let yourself be left behind.

Accelerate and simplify your development
Advance on your way to Digital Transformation

By average with low-code you can deliver application between 4 – 12 times faster than with a classic approach.

Where low-code benefits most

When you plan to build multiple applications (varying in size) – this will leverage the fact that the cost of license per application drops with the increasing number of applications.

If you want to integrate multiple scattered systems – both rewriting the existing applications or writing a middleware to integrate the currently used application so that they can communicate with newly added IT systems.

In case you need to enable business transformations – when encountering challenges with changing from one legacy system to another which might be missing the required functionality which is impossible to be developed or the cost of it is significantly high.

Another case is when it is required to enhance the existing systems with new functionality – creating an additional light-weight application with low-code will be a suitable solution without having to replace the whole existing, usually large system.

Key benefits of low code approach:

  •  Speed software development and delivery (up to 3-6 times faster releases)
  •  Scalable for bigger enterprises
  •  Business party involved in the process
  •  Transparency & governance
  •  10-20 times more consistency checks
  •  Less testing required
  •  Built in environment management
  •  Built in Analytics

Part of a bigger eco-system

Low-code platforms are a great addition to other technologies which require further integrations. We can easily connect with modern technologies that are getting the most attention in the IT market currently.

  • Integration with IoT devices
    • We built an application which handles parking space reservation. We connected Azure, IoT devices and Mobile app leveraging Low Code approach.
  • Bring AI to your solution
    • We can easily extend the missing capabilities of the platform by integration with other solutions. Some of them are already available as plugins. We can also easily connect to web services or API endpoints.
  • Interaction with business
    • Low code approach allows one to create, build, deploy and integrate web and mobile apps which are evolving together with your business. This results in an increased focus on delivering the business value faster with minimal hand-coding.


Our Advantages

What makes Objectivity stand out among the competitors in low-code is the experience we have gained while delivering software projects using various technologies, while remaining proficient with low-code specifically suitable to an agile approach. Moreover, we have been providing consultancy services by skilled business analysts who are involved in all phases of projects resulting in smooth collaboration between the development teams and business teams.

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Neil Loydon
Commercial Leader of the Low Code Practice

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I worked very closely with Objectivity to deliver two major projects. They understood our goals and significantly improved our services for our customers. They are a talented bunch of people and I recommend them highly.
Phil Gilder
Head of Propositions Delivery at Ascentric