Digital transformation through nearshoring

We create tailored, digital solutions to address your core business problems. Bespoke development provides unique capabilities to help you achieve, and maintain a competitive advantage.

We have developed excellent engineering practices that produce high-quality solutions and business software. Early and frequent delivery means you are always aware of progress. Close collaboration and agile approach ensure our systems are fully aligned with your needs.

In a jaded market, Objectivity offers something refreshingly different:

  • Dedicated Teams – Our people are our greatest asset and you get to benefit from that. We have one of the lowest attrition in the industry (<7%) and we are proud to be an award-winning place to work (Great Place to Work award consecutively in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018). We help our employees grow and develop their skills. We want our people to be happy so that they can creatively solve your problems.


  • Project Recovery – We are a loyal partner with no interest in a quick win. We stay with the Client for better or for worse. We believe that software development is not a relay race. Here at Objectivity, we support each downstream activity to whatever extent is necessary.


  • Innovation – We start each engagement with a discovery phase workshops. And we do that in person. This allows us to get to the root of your challenge and leaves more time for collaboration, brainstorming and thought leadership.


  • Legacy reengineeringBespoke does not mean starting always from scratch. Our approach is to leverage existing frameworks and technologies wherever it’s appropriate. We offer deeper domain expertise as opposed to just technical knowledge.


  • Systems integration – Long-term relationships with top customers (even 25 years with one client). We provide system integrations for big players since 1991.


  • Support and maintenance – Objectivity offers a support & maintenance service to ensure you continue to get value from your investment. Of course, your IT systems only add value when they are fully operational. Despite best efforts, problems do occur from time to time. Preemptive support helps us to lower the number of issues you encounter. Our ITIL aligned support service resolves problems quickly when they do arise.


  • Bespoke development – We offer an honest and transparent partnership, driven by values, not KPIs. We are slightly exclusive: we only work on projects where we can add real value and with people that share our ideology. Value for money is what we stand for, focusing only on delivering the best possible standards to our customers.


Direct contact with our customers is our preferred way of cooperation. With offices and representatives both in Poland and the UK we constantly nurture relationship with our clients. A good understanding of the key business issues can be achieved only through this close cooperation. And with good understanding, we can inspire our clients to find new and creative solutions. We are always eager to discuss how our technologies and solutions can make Digital Transformation happen. We introduce our Customers to Digital Transformation 2.0, the next step in changing the way we work through Artificial Intelligence, RPA, Chatbots and more.

You are welcome to visit our purpose built nearshore development centre in Poland and see for yourself.

It's better to see it than to read about it.  

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