Design Process

Good design isn’t just about making pretty things. Flow, ease of use, the real needs of the end user – this is what we focus on to combine form with flawless function.

Design is an incremental process where initial ideas are used as a foundation to build on. Each iteration adds detail and makes greater use of technology so we move from a paper-based sketch to mock-ups on devices to bring the design to life.

How we do it

Our guidelines

  1. Clean and simple

    Good design encourages repeat customers, and helps build a following of advocates. A design which is distinctive and clean creates an aspirational image for your business.

  2. Usability

    Content is only part of the design story, good design enables users to explore content and create their own value, finding what they need intuitively and navigating with ease.

  3. Accessibility

    Choosing the platforms on which your solution is to run is key – don’t restrict access through failing to offer your solution across all devices and channels your target audience uses.

  4. First click to last click

    From finding your site in the first place, navigating around the site to find content through to concluding the transaction with one final click, we make sure the end-to-end process is seamless.

How we do it

Working closely with the end-users

Design is a complex process. Doing it well requires time and great attention to detail. Most importantly, we can’t do this in a vacuum – engaging your users and stakeholders is essential. That’s why our UX engineers and UI designers rely so much on continual feedback. We move from paper prototypes to low fidelity mock-ups before we start coding to ensure that the look and feel is exactly what you require. During development, early and frequent software releases means you get to see progress on a regular basis.

We apply the same principles to our design as architects might to a building, we seek to provide simple, honest, intuitive, useful and beautiful solutions. No more than you require and no less either.

Working closely with the end-users
How we do it

Our goal - to help you increase your customer-base

Our goal is to create architecture and design which is so effective that users really enjoy using your solution and will come back to use it time and time again. Increasingly, mobile is a key channel to market. Good design establishes a consistent architecture, look and feel across all channels and devices as far as is possible. Our team of designers have a portfolio of designs to illustrate their capability and they would be delighted to show you some examples.

A strong working relationship, continual feedback and smart, creative designers are parts of our recipe for success. With your input, this ensures a great outcome for you and your business.

To find out more about our designers, visit this website.

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Kishore Meda
Sales Executive

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Each member of the objectivity team is technically excellent and I am impressed by their definition of "Excellence". This together with their attitude towards integrity makes them a near-shore partner that I can trust.
Alex Kucharski
Head of Software Development and Delivery at Ascentric