Cognitive intelligence

As humans, we are extremely good at matching complex patterns. Computers have, until now, struggled to do some of the things that we take completely for granted.

Cognitive Services now exist which enable computers to do things like spotting an individual in a busy crowd, reading poorly scrawled handwriting and picking out a specific conversation in a noisy environment.

Cognitive intelligence

How it can help

  1. Vision

    Face verification? Recognising emotions in an image? Identifying content in an image? Spotting potentially offensive images, text and video? All possible, enabling you to look beyond the surface.

  2. Speech

    Speaker verification – are they who they say they are? Transcribing and translating real-life conversations? Building smart apps which are triggered by voice? All possible, enabling you to hear what’s really going on.

  3. Language

    Identifying the language, sentiment and key phrases of a piece of text? Providing multi-language support for applications and websites? Understanding the structure of a piece of text? All possible, enabling you to understand what’s really happening.

  4. Knowledge

    Learning from previous transactions to predict which items are more likely to be of interest to or purchased by your customers? Identifying the under-explored areas of your web site? All possible, enabling you to improve your customers’ experience.

Microsoft partnership

Cognitive intelligence working for you

Objectivity is partnered with Microsoft and using the Cognitive Services offered by Microsoft we can enable you to:

  • better understand your customers by gaining insights into what they are thinking, how they behave and what drives their decision making;
  • assess the effectiveness of your web site and application design by gaining insights into content which is ‘under-used’ or ‘undiscovered’;
  • simplify accessibility to your web site and applications by offering speech recognition, facial recognition;
  • broaden your audience by providing multi-language capability on your web site and applications;
  • increase your conversion rates by learning what your customers buy and what customers typically buy together.
Cognitive intelligence working for you

Cognitive intelligence in every solution

At the heart of every solution is Microsoft’s Cognitive Services which can be targeted at your specific needs. Using the built-in algorithms, we can build solutions which can see, hear, speak, understand and interpret your customer needs using natural methods of communication. We can add features to your existing solutions which allow you to detect emotion and sentiment, facial and speech recognition and understating of language, all whilst building knowledge into your applications. We can deliver these solutions across all your platforms, whether iOS, Android or Windows. The ultimate goal – your customers’ experience will improve over time as your solutions learn how customers prefer to interact with you.