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Retail IT Systems — Prepare Your Business For Peak Season And Beyond eBook

Download our complimentary eBook to learn how to ensure that your business is ready for peak-time operations.

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Download your copy of “Retail IT Systems — Prepare Your Business For Peak Season And Beyond” eBook

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Can your IT systems support you during peak season sales?

Our “Retail IT Systems — Prepare Your Business For Peak Season And Beyond” eBook will provide you with practical, experience-based methods for securing the reliability of your IT solutions during even the most strenuous periods.

It takes into consideration various scenarios and setups so that every retailer can pick the option that is best-suited for their business in any shopping season.

By reading this eBook, you’ll learn how to:

  • Recognize and anticipate the biggest challenges of retail peak times.
  • Handle the peak amount of load on your systems with modern technology solutions.
  • Efficiently detect and resolve problems.
  • Ensure IT system availability and security.

What’s inside the eBook?

Peak time challenges for retailers

Sales events generate significant strain on IT systems. However, the retail market changes dynamically, and the solutions retailers have in place should be ready to process an increased amount of data at any moment. Moreover, the traditional code-freeze during the Golden Quarter may prevent you from reacting to market changes on time. These challenges are addressed in the first section of the eBook.

Handling the Peak Amount of Load on Your Systems

A modern retail business needs flexibility to react to the increased load quickly and handle it efficiently. Cloud solutions present retailers with many benefits, which include on-demand infrastructure, containers and autoscaling or serverless options. This section of the eBook provides an overview of the available cloud services as well as non-cloud solutions and options for improving your web traffic. Once you’ve read it, you’ll be able to choose the best setup for your boxing day sales and beyond.


The third section of the eBook will provide you with tried and tested ideas for improving the reliability of your IT systems. You’ll learn how to continuously develop your solution without disrupting its performance. The practices discussed in this section include blue-green deployment, automatic tests and no-downtime releases and backwards compatibility. These options will help you secure the stability of your systems during any retail buying season.

Problem Detection and Resolution

Detecting problems as soon as possible is crucial to ensuring that your systems can handle the most critical tasks. This section of the eBook discusses the proactive approach to problem detection as well as modern monitoring solutions. It also covers the problem resolution aspect, which is where the DevOps approach proves very efficient.


If systems are not secured well enough, businesses can fall victim to numerous costly events like data leaks, ransom attempts and denial of service attacks. The last section of the eBook stresses the importance of IT systems’ security and the impact it may have on your operations during peak season sales.

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