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“Retail Efficiency — Innovating with Data” eBook

Explore how the effective use of data can enable unmatched retail innovation.

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Data-driven retail

Improve your business with new technologies

Download our comprehensive “Retail Efficiency — Innovating with Data” eBook to obtain valuable insights regarding the use of retail technology. Becoming data-driven is a common topic across multiple industries, and yet many organisations still fail to realise the full potential of the data they have at hand, which causes them to lag behind their competition. Our eBook focuses on retail-specific areas — it can tell you where to find data, what tools to use in order to analyse it, and how to act upon the results.

You’ll have the possibility to learn about:

  • Utilising data as a means to reduce retail costs. Implementing real-time inventory management can help you save money by reducing the amount of required storage space and limiting financial losses caused by shrink.

  • Improving retail efficiency by drawing conclusions from your data. Gathered information can be a key factor in optimising your retail operations. You can leverage it to better allocate your staff, increase customer satisfaction, and drive sales.

  • Building an endless aisle and delivering an omnichannel customer experience. Enabling your clients to interact with your company in the exact way they want to is crucial to succeeding as a modern retailer.

  • Setting your retail data in motion. Arranging efficient, organisation-wide processes related to gathering and analysing data is necessary to achieve the best outcomes. You’ll learn about breaking down silos, presenting your data, and turning it into substantial improvements.

  • Leveraging innovative technology. You’ll discover why meeting your efficiency goals may be best achieved with bespoke retail software solutions, which increase automation and can be adapted to fit with legacy systems.

Learn from renowned domain experts

Data in the retail industry

The eBook was written by distinguished experts with decades of experience working for the biggest brands in UK retailing — Pat Moynihan and Conrad Digan as well as Objectivity’s leading data and retail-orientated technologists. Thanks to this, we’re certain that you’ll find that it speaks to the actual needs of retail organisations and explores the real ways in which technology can address them.

It’s an extensive, 29 page piece that covers several topics related to customer data as well as organisation’s internal data — both of which are crucial for successful retail analytics.

We hope you’ll find that the “Retail Efficiency — Innovating with Data” eBook is filled with advice that’s applicable to your retail business.

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