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Reach Net-Zero Carbon Emissions with a Real-Time Monitoring Tool

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The Challenges of Achieving Net Zero

Under the Paris Agreement, most countries have committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2050 in an effort to create a more sustainable future. Industry-leading organisations aim to reach that point even faster.

The proactive and preventative role of enterprises in achieving global sustainability is significant and measurable.

Many ogranisations’ initiatives in this area include analysing their manufacturing processes and operations in order to identify and subsequently decrease their carbon footprint.

The challenge in achieving this often lies not in identifying problem areas, but in accurately measuring and monitoring the emissions. CO2 is difficult to measure, many of the standards are yet to be clearly defined, and organisations’ footprint is largely assessed based on declarative data.

Certain enterprises work with consulting agencies to help them benchmark their strategies, but this method will never be as actionable and precise as access to real-time data analytics.

Objectivity’s pioneering real-time carbon emissions monitoring tool will provide you with accurate live data that will enable you to reach carbon neutrality more efficiently. Get access to the demo version of our tool and see how it works!

CEM — Objectivity’s Real-Time Monitoring Tool

The Objectivity’s Carbon Emission Monitoring (CEM) tool will allow you to track your emissions in real-time, based on your systems’ transactions.

CEM is implemented as part of a process which includes:

  • Preliminary assessment of your CO2 -generating processes with an environmental expert.
  • Integration of CEM with your existing systems to ensure it can access all the relevant data sources.
  • Monitoring your greenhouse gases emissions in real-time.

At this point, you will gain full access to the CEM tool which:

  • presents both live data as well as a synthesised overview of all emissions
  • comes with CO2 emission monitoring dashboards and process analytics
  • allows for preparing comprehensive data reports

Implementing CEM ensures that your organisation’s aim to reach net-zero carbon emissions will be fully compliant with standards and regulations, such as:

  • The Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Standard
  • Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting Requirements (SECR)

Do you work for an industry-leading organisation that wants to create positive change? If so, access the interactive demo and see how CEM can help you achieve carbon neutrality.

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