Proving our cloud capabilities

Analysts predict that by 2020 90% of businesses will move to a hybrid type of data centre. Not everyone is ready to move their whole operation to cloud, but the benefits are obvious.

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Written by Objectivity
Embracing cloud

We have become an AWS Consulting Select Tier partner

Having your data in the cloud, it’s easy to automate operations and implement new technologies like machine learning and AI. If your cloud-based solution is purely service-based and doesn’t require storing a lot of data, you can even significantly reduce the costs of maintenance. The cloud is flexible and has immense potential.

Our Clients recognise this opportunity. We help them embrace the power of the cloud by providing our expertise in this matter. Therefore, we have decided to become an AWS Consulting Select Tier partner. This helps us prove our ability because we have the experts, we have successes, and we have the drive to be the best.

AWS is another powerful tool we can leverage to help you do better things.