Objectivity is on G-Cloud 11 and DOS 4

We are proud to announce that Objectivity has been approved for the G-Cloud 11 and Digital Outcomes Specialists 4 frameworks. This makes it straightforward for public sector organisations to find and procure our services and provides reassurance that Objectivity meets quality and security standards.

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G-Cloud 11 and DOS 4

Digital transformation of the Public Sector

Objectivity is among 4200 suppliers on G-Cloud 11 providing cloud services and among 3000 suppliers on DOS 4 providing bespoke software.

Both frameworks provide Public Sector, including central government, local councils and NHS, the mechanism to purchase cloud and agile software development services. Suppliers can be easily found on the Digital Marketplace.

“Its great news that we are on DOS 4 and G-Cloud 11 so that our Public Sector Clients can procure quickly and efficiently without the need for long drawn out procurement process. Transparency in the process ensures there are no misunderstandings or surprises post contract.” says Nigel Lomas, Public Sector Lead at Objectivity.

If you would like to know more about our expertise in Public Sector, do not hesitate to contact Nigel Lomas directly.

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Nigel Lomas
Public Sector Lead