Objectivity hosting a Forrester Advisory Day

“Data is only as good as the insights it produces, the actions it influences, and the results it fosters.”
(Michele Goetz)

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Written by Objectivity

Forrester Advisory Day

Last week Objectivity executives attended a Forrester Advisory Day, an annual workshop offered to Forrester’s partners worldwide. This time we focused on Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

The workshop was run by Michele Goetz, Principal Analyst at Forrester. Michele’s research covers artificial intelligence technologies and consultancies, semantic technology, data management strategy, data governance, and data integration.

We learned about the challenges which hold companies back from achieving their enterprise AI aspirations.

Most enterprises come to a standstill after the proof of concept phase. Unfortunately, many AI models don’t make it into production, even when they show value.  According to Forrester’s research, there are 3 types of organisations, segmented by AI proficiency and practice activities:

  • Insight Seekers (Those who use their own capabilities to optimise their processes. They usually work with the existing data, to analyze and predict results)
  • Change Operators (Those who go one step further and change the processes within organisation. They use machine learning to build on the knowledge they possess)
  • Disrupters (Those who invest time and money to change the business completely in the long run. They combine advanced algorithms to deliver deep learning).

The workshop helped us better understand the obstacles our clients may face when starting with data science and their skepticism towards new, unknown AI systems.

Working closely with a Forrester analyst allowed us to better understand important data techniques and discuss strategies to generate new opportunities for our AI & Data Science practice.

The possibilities of Artificial Intelligence are endless. Whether it’s in retail, finance or entertainment. With the right tools and expertise you can increase your productivity, enhance your customer experience, improve operational efficiency and as a consequence, develop your business.

If you would like to learn more about our Data Scientists and their practice please visit https://www.objectivity.co.uk/service/advanced-analytics/ .

We can guide your organisation through digital transformation running AI Readiness Workshop at your premises. If you wish to learn more and schedule a workshop with our experts, please refer to https://www.objectivity.co.uk/service/ai-readiness-assessment/.