Objectivity at the TestingCup 2019

In June 2019, Objectivity took 2nd place in the team championship in the TestingCup – the biggest annual testing event in Poland. We are also delighted that two of our individual entrants reached the top 5 in the individual event.

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TestingCup 2019

TestingCup is an annual event bringing together testing communities from Poland and all over the world; the event is divided into two categories: teams and individual contestants. This year, during the 7th edition of the TestingCup, the Objectivity Team of Aleksandra Otremba, Michał Pindych and Sylwester Niemiec took 2nd place in the team championship. In the individual championship, Piotr Król, achieved 5th place and Krzysztof Jadczyk achieved 4th. Krzysztof also received the Biggest Fan Award – a special prize to recognise his involvement in all the editions and various publications about the event.


Good practices in action

Good practices in action

TestingCup 2019 took place on 10-11th June in Poznań and attracted entries from over 80 teams (3 members per team) and 33 individuals.

The aim of the championship is to test an app created specifically for the TestingCup event and to prepare a report; participants in both the team and individual categories test the same app. This year, in addition to manual testing, there were also API tests required. The team organised themselves to capitalise on their knowledge and skills – Aleksandra Otremba led the team and worked with Michał Pindych on manual testing and Sylwester Niemiec focused on API testing.

The Objectivity Team is convinced that the key to achieving 2nd place was using the same good practice they use every day at work. Points were scored for detecting valid bugs and points were taken away for reporting invalid bugs. The team submitted only verified and valid bugs, many of which were previously unknown, and lost no points for reporting duplicate or known bugs.

2nd place in TestingCup

The recipe for success

Is there one path you should follow to succeed in the TestingCup? Certainly not, but here are some tips which helped our team and individuals:

  1. Motivation – encourage your employees to stretch themselves – Aleksandra’s leader encouraged her to participate and she was chosen as the team leader during the event.
  2. Support – give your employees time to prepared. Objectivity offers their employees ‘Golden Cards’ (a number of days allowed for personal development during working hours). The participants used their Golden Card days to go through last year’s app and prepare offline materials.
  3. Practice bug reporting – the documentation imposed character limits for each field, so it was helpful to practice writing skills to ensure that the words used were precise and concise.
  4. Cooperate – build your team from people who work well together already as the preparation and championship rely on great teamwork! Unless you’re an individual participant of course – the individual participants must possess a broad base of knowledge and experience and be confident in tackling the challenge on their own.
  5. Read the instruction and follow the rules – avoid wasting time by submitting a large number of bugs. It’s the quality that counts and will score the highest number of points.

We’d like to congratulate the Objectivity Team and the individual contestants, Krzysztof and Piotr. You’ve proven you’re amongst the best testers in Poland and it’s a pleasure to work with you! We’d also like express our appreciation to Kamila Polańska and Dariusz Olszewski who were Judging Committee members, and to Michał Buczko – a speaker during Day 2 on the topic “Building an ethically strong organisation, with important role of QAs.”