Objectivity at Mendix World

Low-code platforms, like Mendix, help reduce the time to market for business transformation; it is possible to deliver working solutions in as little as three or four months.

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Written by Objectivity
Delivering faster

The future of software development

With the above being said, it is obvious that every business that relies on technology should take an interest in low-code platforms like Mendix. How can they drive business development? What is the best way to use them? Any limitations? How do they integrate with existing software ecosystems?

As a company that leverages technology to solve business problems, we take rapid development seriously. That is why we have become a Gold Sponsor for the Mendix World 2019 event – 16-17 April in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

We want to share the knowledge about the best practices, best use cases, new solutions and future possibilities. We want to know more about rapid development and mobile, cloud, microservices, smart apps and DevOps. If your business faces challenges that need rapid technical solutions, you also will find value at this event. You will hear other business leaders talk about rebuilding their organisations with digital solutions to innovate and drive business development.

There will be a 24-hours long hackathon, custom demos, keynotes, and educations sessions and workshops. You will have the opportunity to network, extend your knowledge, and get inspired.

You can find the full agenda here and if you are one of our Clients, please be sure to reach out to your Client Principal – we can get you in on this event.

See you there!