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Industry 4.0 Made Easy

Objectivity & Siemens Manufacturing Online Workshop

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Workshop overview

Join Objectivity and Siemens for our online workshop where we’ll be exploring low-code solutions for a range of common use cases in the manufacturing industry. 

We’ll run your workshop exclusively for your organisation. Beforehand, we’ll also set up a discovery call to match the content of the discussion to your most relevant business challenges. This way, we can prepare a tailored presentation and make sure that your time will be spent as effectively as possible. 

The workshops are based on real-life projects we delivered to large organisations in the British and German markets. The topics include:  

  • Bill of Materials for connected and complex enterprise,
  • Enhancing customer experience,
  • Improving quality, communication and metrics,
  • Digital workplace.

Simply leave your contact details via the provided form and we’ll contact you to set up your discovery call and the workshop.