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Low-Code vs. Bespoke Development ROI Calculator

Quantify the ROI of low-code app development.

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Compare your ROI

What’s a better investment — low-code or bespoke apps?

Fill out the “Traditional Approach” and the “Low-Code” forms below to see how your ROI compares for both types of projects. If you’d like to calculate the monthly cost of low-code platform licences, please get in touch.

  1. Choose currency

  2. Provide input parameters

    Traditional approach project estimates

    Low-code project estimates

    *Please note that this calculator should be used to check ROI of your first low-code application. If you plan to build many solutions with low-code, the ROI will be higher as the licence fees will be lower.

  3. Cumulative ROI

    Traditional approach Low-code
    Business benefits − −
    Development costs − −
    Support and Maintenance costs − −
    Licence costs − −
    Cumulative benefits − −
    Cumulative costs − −
    Cumulative ROI − −
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