It’s about Mo, it’s about Men

Movember – a global action, which raises awareness of men’s health celebrated yearly throughout November worldwide and in Objectivity.

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Written by Objectivity
What is it about?

Movember - preventing young men dying too young

Have you ever heard about Movember? Nope? You should absolutely make it up! Let me take you for a journey through one of the most important events we take year by year at Objectivity.

We have WROC# conference, webinars. We organize Open Days, meetings for Java enthusiasts and many other talks for our tech people. Movember is about something different. It’s about doing right things to face up important and difficult-to-talk-about things. OK, let’s get back to the details.

Movember is the mix of two words – November and moustache. The main idea of this global action is to wear the moustache for 30 days of November and be a walking and talking billboard for man’s health. To be more precise, it is to put an attention to testicular and prostate cancer. The Movember movement rose up to encourage men to do medical tests regularly.

There is one goal of Movember: to stop men dying too young. This initiative is helping men live healthier, happier, and longer lives and promote year-round diligence.

At Objectivity, we take one step far. For each man, who enrolls on the action this year, we donate 20 GBP to the Movember account. We are also having blood tests at the company to check our employees’ health. Every enrolled Mo bro is given a Movember T-shirt.

Two days ago, we have officially started the 3rd edition of Movember and have 70 brave Mo Bros on board! They signed up to help us promote the cause. This is the serious side of the action, but I am pretty sure that we’re going to have a lot of fun!  At the end of the month, we will organize a competition to judge and reward the most crazy/hairy/fancy moustache in Objectivity. Believe me or not, but my Mo experience tells me that they will fight for it as brave lions ?

It doesn’t matter who’ll win. The thing is that we have amazing guys in the company, who really care and for the 3 time show us their engagement! It’s impressive ? Wanna see any evidence – watch our Mo movie and see their enthusiasm. Gentlemen, chapeau bax!

If you read this, remember that you can also support Movember without growing a moustache. Sign up, join our Objectivity Mo Bros team and donate to keep up this significant initiative!