It is an effect of curiosity, challenge, a desire to be first, better, faster, or to reach higher. Sometimes it is driven by laziness or by a need to be different, regardless, it always comes after the questions “Why?” and “How?”.

Our clients often ask us if we can help them come up with a new type of solution. It’s usually in the form of an Ideation Workshop, Demo, or a Proof of Concept where we are able to achieve just that. We live for that moment and we undertake many activities to make sure that we’re “match fit” and able to deliver an amazing solution.

This is how we do it

Enabling innovation

If you perceive the standard as the best-known solution, then innovation is something better. It could be a radical change or a small improvement.

The ability to innovate on demand is a highly prized talent and it’s not straightforward or easy to create teams that will be able to perform on the day. That is why we build innovation around our first value – People. We prize their skills, knowledge and experience. Additionaly, we believe that innovation requires space and time. Only then ideas are born, thanks to passion, technology and tools. Each part is essential to creating an environment that can then we use to help our clients.

Insight into many industries, processes, and technologies gives us a powerful opportunity to create innovative solutions. For our clients, this means competitive business value, better user experience, and cost reduction.

Enabling innovation
How we do it

Objectivity lab events

How we do it

Our innovation tactics

Innovation doesn’t happen spontaneously. It needs a certain kind of environment in which to grow, as well as a well-defined set of creative methods. See how we define ours.

Each member of the objectivity team is technically excellent and I am impressed by their definition of "Excellence". This together with their attitude towards integrity makes them a near-shore partner that I can trust.
Alex Kucharski
Head of Software Development and Delivery at Ascentric