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Smart Office

Facility management software measurably increases buildings’ efficiency and improves employees’ quality of work.

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Integrated facilities management

The benefits of smart office solutions

Smart office systems use advanced technology to streamline everyday life needs and to drive your business forward.
Create your own building management system to boost productivity, improve workflow management, take advantage of analytics insights, and lower costs.

  • Finance Improved Customer Experience

    Increased business efficiency

    By simplifying and streamlining daily work life, a smart office system can increase productivity and enable employees to be more efficient. It allows employees to personalise services to best meet their needs, creating a comfortable, efficient, and secure workplace.

  • Finance Reduction Of Operational Costs Copy

    Lower operational costs

    Energy optimisation helps reduce operational costs thanks to real-time sensors which can detect inefficiencies and send alerts. Lighting management, temperature monitoring, and humidity control are some of the smartest ways in which you can render your business cost-effective.

  • AI Enhanced Customer Experience

    Improved customer experience

    Efficient buildings that make use of smart office technology measurably boost customer satisfaction by improving communication (real-time responses), eliminating queues, simplifying and accelerating usage, and upgrading data security standards.

Software for facility management

Leveraging automation to streamline processes

New technologies have become an integral part of the business environment. By improving your facility management systems, you’ll be able to introduce modern smart office solutions, which will enable your employees to work smarter and faster.
Smart office technology is building management system software that’s designed for companies that would like to increase the efficiency of their building and improve the workplace experience of their employees.
As such, we recommend smart office solutions especially to office tenants (e.g. banks, IT companies, etc.), managers of coworking spaces, hotels, hospitals and other organisations whose workspaces could benefit from automated systems.

Smart office technology in practice

How does facility management software work?

Software for facility management controls buildings’ equipment and ensures energy optimisation and security. Smart office systems manage lighting, ventilation, humidity, CO2 concentration as well as power, fire, and security systems. Whereas the maintenance reporting tool detects faults using real-time data from sensors, etc. All of this helps to streamline workspace management and contributes to the reduction of operational costs.
Integrated facilities management simplifies and automates workspace experience on multiple levels by collecting actionable data insights and allocating them in one place.
Below are just some of the major workspace optimisations, which can be easily implemented with the use of building management software.
A smart office system will improve the way your business is managed by automatically tracking your assets with the use of real-time sensors; these types of capabilities can be applied for offices, hospitals, hotels, etc.
Building management software can support remote work (i.e. hot-desking) by leveraging sophisticated automation technology. It enables you to book available desks or conference rooms, and to gain more accurate insights into the status of facility assets in your building, and much more.
You can optimise buildings’ spaces – i.e. avoid unused spaces and reduce operational costs by optimising office areas such as conference or working rooms. Moreover, by leveraging the achievements of data science, smart office technology provides effective use of buildings’ mechanical and electrical equipment.
Additionally, facility management software enables the supervision of energy usage, helps to reduce buildings’ carbon footprint, etc.


What clients say about us

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Objectivity worked alongside our internal team and quickly established confidence and strong working relationships. I have been most impressed with their individuals’ capabilities and their drive for software quality. For these reasons, we have come to trust their ability to deliver. This together with their “Can Do” attitude makes them a fantastic team to work with!

Rohan Vendy

Chief Executive Officer at iCareHealth

Why we’ve been working with Objectivity since 2013? Because they build a relationship that’s based on trust. Over the years they’ve proven that their delivery is fast and stable. On one hand – they have a high retention rate of people working on our projects and for those who change, they manage the knowledge transfer really well. On the other hand – they can ramp up and provide the skills necessary to get things done. We can trust that Objectivity will always deliver technology that’s secure and maintainable, and that they will use all the knowledge they have to propose the best solution possible. The way they collaborate with us to achieve success is simply unique.

Enrico Kufahl

VP Product Engineering at ImmobilienScout24

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Sales Director

Oliver Clark

We create custom-tailored software solutions to enable you to meet your business growth objectives. Start your project with Objectivity today to be ready for the digital world of tomorrow.


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