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Retail Supply Chain Solutions

Reduce cost and improve performance.

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Increase transparency and efficiency 

Technology for supply chain management 

Supply chains for the retail sector are becoming increasingly complex. Identifying limiting factors that are cause problems or delays can improve end-to-end processes by addressing the weakest link in the chain.  

Are products tracked accurately from order to delivery? Are you collecting and analysing valuable data to provide actionable insights for your business?  

Optimising your supply chain helps you serve your customers faster while promoting visibility. Modern technologies and automation frameworks can give you clear advantages in a highly competitive world. 

The benefits of retail supply chain solutions 

The digital supply chain imperative 

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    Create customer value

    Keep pace with customers’ changing needs with effective supply chain management solutions. Thanks to efficient forecasting and intelligent pricing, ensure customers get what they want. 

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    Streamline operations

    Optimise resources and manage inventory, procurement, transport, and scheduling with solutions that streamline supply chains. Use technology integration to reduce complexity and automate business processes. 

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    Support business growth

    Reach new markets and customers with more efficient supply chain execution. Expand product ranges, accurately track shipments, and meet the promise to deliver. 

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Objectivity’s supply chain services

Enhance operations with end-to-end solutions

Enhance your retail supply chain management processes with modern reporting solutions and ensure your customers find the right product exactly when they need it. Our data analytics services enable retailers to employ artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to access your data in real time and gain meaningful insights. We’ll help you make informed decisions by applying our UX/UI and Power BI expertise to your dashboards and data visualisations. 

What distinguishes Objectivity 

Our expertise in supply chain management

As a versatile software development company, Objectivity has delivered numerous successful supply chain projects, so we can identify any gaps and address them by introducing smart solutions and automation when needed. Strike the right balance between optimising business processes and updating supply chain technology solutions. 



Case studies

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Director of Retail Services

David Perks

As the Director of Retail Services, it is my role to ensure we provide the very best solutions and create value for you, your customers, and employees. I have always been an advocate of removing complexity using technology as an enabler for change. Our values, which focus on quality and a win-win philosophy, have enabled us to build and maintain long-lasting trusted relationships with our retail, hospitality, and leisure partners.

David Perks Objectivity Retail

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