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Data and Analytics in Retail

Guide your business with actionable data analytics.

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Get the most out of your data

Actionable retail data insights

In retail, the smart use of data can put your business ahead of the competition. New technologies and advanced analytics will empower you to enhance your business operations and take your customer experience to a new level. At Objectivity, we’ll help you transform your data into actionable insights for:

  • Personalisation and omnichannel experience
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Sales forecasting, planning and stock management
  • Price optimisation and promotion planning

Why expand your data strategy?

The benefits of data analytics in retail

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    Customer loyalty

    Provide your customers with a tailored offer and the experience they’re looking for. Identify the root causes for churn and address them by leveraging meaningful retail data insights. With the right personalisation, your customer lifetime value can be increased even by 20-30%.

  • Devops Increased Quality And Stability

    Intelligent logistics

    Optimise your supply chain management process and be sure that your customers find the right product exactly when they need it. Leverage real-time data to efficiently manage your inventory and save costs by introducing improved stock practices.

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    Predictive data analytics

    Keep up with demand and anticipate changes with intelligent forecasting solutions. Predict your customers’ reaction to repricing and automatically update your prices across all sale channels. Utilise advanced analytics for reliable sales forecasting.

Objectivity’s data services

Advanced analytics for retail organisations

Our experienced consultants will analyse your business case thoroughly and propose the most fit-for-purpose solution. Next, our technical experts will design and implement the necessary architecture. Finally, our data scientists will help you produce actionable insights from your data.

We can cover the entire process end-to-end or assist you at any stage to address a particular pain point. Our consultants can work alongside your team or take the full responsibility for delivering a comprehensive retail data analytics solution.



A workshop tailored to your needs

If you would like to leverage your organisation’s data to increase business success, contact us to schedule a complimentary workshop, during which our experts will assess: 

  • Which of your challenges can be addressed by employing data analysis 
  • How best to proceed on your data journey for optimal results 


Our approach to retail data

Drive insightful decisions with data

At Objectivity, we’ve been working with retail industry clients since 1991. We possess in-depth knowledge of retail operations and can create a fit-for-purpose solution that will respond to your exact needs.

We’re experts in data analytics and know how to apply our knowledge to produce insights that will be meaningful to your business. Our cross-functional teams include specialists from different fields who understand business processes and know how to address retailers’ pain points.

Our services guarantee end-to-end coverage in accordance with your business objectives. We’re pragmatic and will provide you with real value for money.

About our team

Seasoned retail experts


Our team consists of over hundred seasoned retail experts with a breadth of industry knowledge.

Major projects


We have successfully delivered over 30 major projects for our clients from the retail sector.

Our success stories

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Data & AI Guild Master

Julia Orłowska

We create bespoke software solutions to help you meet your business growth objectives. With us, your organisation will become truly data-driven. Start your project with Objectivity today to be ready for the digital world of tomorrow.


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