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Retail Software Solutions

Stay ahead of the competition with customer-centric and sustainable retail solutions.

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Bespoke software for retail

Solving retail challenges in the modern world

Today, retailers are faced with innumerable customer and operational challenges, such as supply chain disruption and labour shortages. Moreover, shopping behaviour patterns are rapidly shifting as consumers expect increased convenience and look for more sustainable choices.

Objectivity employs years of domain expertise and sector-specific knowledge to help you adapt to market requirements and stay ahead of the pace of change. We offer dedicated retail software development services that will help you build a compelling customer experience, integrate your supply chain, manage store operations efficiently, and optimise your workforce.

For over three decades we’ve been supporting industry leaders and their growth with innovative retail software solutions. Whether you’re looking to boost customer satisfaction, optimise store operations and inventory management, or offer a consistent experience in brick-and-mortar stores and online, we’ll show you how to reach your goals with cost-effective use of technology.

Benefits of retail software solutions 

Take advantage of technology in your retail business


We know how important it is for your business to maximise agility and profitability. You can achieve it by introducing data-driven business models, operations, and processes, which will help you mitigate increased industry pressure, complexity, and volatility.

Leverage the power of digital to create a lean environment that will enable you to:

  • Grow revenue thanks to better management and customer satisfaction,
  • Save costs by optimising your operations and employing smart solutions,
  • Improve your customer journey online and offline by increasing shopping convenience,
  • Expand your customer base, drive loyalty, and increase conversion and basket spend with personalised offering,
  • Improve your colleague experience with the support of latest technologies for retail,
  • Support your sustainability agenda with environment-friendly solutions.
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Objectivity’s services for retailers

Retail solutions tailored to your needs

Understand your customers and personalise your offering with the use of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning solutions. Utilise data insights to adjust your communication and offer contextual promotions. Make shopping effortless and drive loyalty with tailor-made customer experience solutions.

Our success stories

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Director of Retail Services

David Perks

As the Director of Retail Services, it is my role to ensure we provide the very best solutions and create value for you, your customers and employees. I have always been an advocate of removing complexity using technology as an enabler for change. Our values, focus on quality, and win-win philosophy have enabled us to win and maintain long lasting trusted relationships with our retail, hospitality and leisure partners.

David Perks Objectivity Retail

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