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Retail Software Solutions

Leveraging digital capabilities to create a seamless customer experience.

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Bespoke software for retail

Delivering retail projects since 1991

With over 100 professionals working on retail software solutions and nearly 30 years of experience in delivering supply chain to customer sales and relationship management solutions, Objectivity has the domain knowledge and technical expertise to help your business grow and succeed. We’re a trusted partner of Europe’s industry-leading retailer—Primark—and many other successful companies.

Objectivity’s experts can render your business leaner and more customer-centric by helping you to digitally transform your operations with the use of the most fit-for-purpose technologies. We’re able to develop any range of bespoke functionalities, digitise paper-based processes as well as provide support services throughout the entire product life cycle.

Amongst others, our technology offer includes Cloud, DevOps, AI, and Business Intelligence, allowing us to enable various custom retail and eCommerce solutions to support your business’s rapid growth and scalability.

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Explore our retail software solutions 

The right stock in the right place and at the right time 

At Objectivity, we know how important it is for you to have the right stock in the right place and at the right time. Creating a lean operational environment will help you to: 

  • Ensure your employees have the time to focus on more customer-centric activities, 
  • Lower your churn rate through optimising customer experience, 
  • Personalise your offer to increase customer satisfaction and drive sales. 

As our knowledge is catalogued in accordance with the APQC process classification framework, by partnering with us, you’ll be able to streamline your operations and benchmark your processes against industry best practices. 

We specialise in retail software solutions such as stock and ordering systems, retail store operations, and customer loyalty platforms—nevertheless, we’re able to apply a custom approach to nearly any business challenge thanks to our background in bespoke software development.  

Our experts can help you to: 

  • Selection

    Stock & Ordering Systems

    • Forecast and assess demand for products  
    • Develop an inventory allocation plan and assess replenishment levels 
    • Provide end-to-end supply chain visibility 
    • Generate pick lists and print shipping labels 
    • Receive deliveries and process returns with barcode scanners 
    • Monitor and remedy out of stocks, restock shelves, perform cycle counts 
    • Enable lean and efficient eCommerce operations 

  • Devops Increased Quality And Stability

    Retail Store Operations

    • Execute markdowns, clearance, and other floor promotional activities 
    • Manage signage and shelf tagging with barcode scanners 
    • Organise store collaboration, workforce, and communications with HQ 
    • Measure store performance information and merchandising execution
    • Ensure your business complies with regulations 
    • Accept payments and returns, process store pick-up, special orders, layaway purchases, and complaints (comprehensive POS support)
    • Support employees in assisting customers by providing tools for browsing product and location information 

  • Hands

    Customer Loyalty Solutions

    • Manage customer relationships 
    • Maintain customer master data for profiling 
    • Collect and analyse purchase and basket data 
    • Track customer loyalty value and engagement 
    • Take advantage of marketing tools to create targeted, personalised offers 
    • Redeem vouchers and coupons 
    • Ensure security and fraud detection 


Our breadth of experience with custom retail application development, customer critical systems and a secure Ops Clock enables us to meet your most pressing business needs, especially during peak business periods like Easter and Christmas. 

Objectivity’s developers and support engineers work together as a DevOps team to streamline processes and improve efficiency, while building and maintaining domain expertise. Moreover, we offer support services regardless of whether the systems were developed by us or another vendor, so that you could focus on what really matters—your business. 


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Why Objectivity? 

Professional IT services with a personal approach 

We know that every organisation’s needs are different, even when facing similar industry challenges. As such, our team of technical and domain experts always takes the time to understand your unique business requirements to be able to suggest the most fitting solutions.  

As a nearshore software development company, Objectivity is large enough to deliver success reliably, while being responsive enough to achieve desired outcomes with pragmatic flexibility and a persistent focus on customer value and continuous improvement. With years of practical experience in remote collaboration and proven on-time delivery, we can support you in your ways of working.  

Our success stories

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In summary, our key strengths are:

Retail domain knowledge

AI Enhanced Customer Experience

Technical expertise

Public Sector Efficiency

Experience in remote work

Public Sector Improved Citizen Outcomes

Delivering good value for money

Finance Business Efficiency

Working in a quick and agile manner

AI Increased Productivity

A focus on innovation

Aboutus We Are Experts
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Client Principal

Deepak Bangarpet

We’re passionate about what we do. Our team loves solving complex problems for our clients. We can be your trusted partners on your digital transformation journey. Start your relationship with Objectivity to reach your full business potential.


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