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Social Housing Services

Modern IT solutions for efficient community service

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What you’ll gain with our social housing services:

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    Improved customer experience

    Take your customer service to the next level with a tailor-made system providing real-time access to customer information, faster query resolution and a self-service app for your tenants.

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    Seamless asset management

    Gather accurate data about your properties and access it any time. Improve your energy, maintenance and safety management, and simplify your teams’ tasks with automated updates and information sharing.

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    Dedicated cloud solutions

    Empower your staff and tenants with cloud-based solutions that provide them with instant access to the same, shared data. Make your business more agile with scalable, cloud-hosted and software and infrastructure.

Leveraging IT to support social landlords

Digital transformation in social housing

At Objectivity, we understand the needs of modern social housing providers. We work with social landlords to help them deliver the best services to their tenants. We support your citizen-focused organisation by utilising the latest technologies that fit perfectly within your business dynamics.

Social housing providers face many challenges that affect their traditional operating practices. The growing demand for new housing as well as regulatory changes force social landlords to look for innovative ways to adapt to the evolving situation. The digital transformation process, with the support and guidance of an experienced technology partner, can boost your efficiency in delivering social housing services to your community.

In today’s technology-driven world, citizens are exposed to increasingly sophisticated digital solutions, which undeniably influences their expectations towards everyday experiences. As such, social landlords need to consider how improving and digitising operations can cater to the growing needs of the community.
By adopting a modern, technological approach, social landlords can leverage the latest in digital advancements to make significant citizen-centric optimisations.

IT solutions for the social housing sector

Improve your housing service with smart technology

Objectivity can help you manage your day-to-day operations and provide excellent service for your community. Our experts are ready to find the right solution to support your business and the citizens who use your services.

We’ll listen to your needs and equip you with fit-for-purpose social housing management software that includes:

• Dedicated platforms and applications for a fast and efficient customer service.
• End-to-end asset and property management systems.
• Workforce management tools to improve responsiveness and delivery.
• Housing needs analysis and management software for improved citizen and community service.

The tailored solutions designed by our team will enable you to save costs and time, while letting you focus on supporting your tenants in any way they need.


Start your project with Objectivity

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