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Public Sector

Optimize your operations, increase efficiency, and improve citizen outcomes.

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Leveraging IT in the public sector

The benefits of digital transformation

Digital transformation enables the creation of citizen-centric governments focused on meeting communities’ rapidly changing demands.
In today’s technology-driven world, citizens are exposed to increasingly sophisticated digital solutions, which undeniably influences their expectations towards everyday experiences. As such, the public sector needs to consider how improving and digitising operations can cater to the growing needs of the community.
By adopting a modern, technological approach, the public sector can leverage the latest in digital advancements to make significant citizen-centric optimisations.

  • Improved citizen outcomes

    Our digital transformation services can help you to optimise government operations, meet citizens’ expectations, bring the community together and provide added value to its members.

  • Increased efficiency

    Through building an efficient digital strategy, we’re able to provide services that help governments to serve citizens more efficiently than ever before.

  • Operational agility

    Public sector software solutions make organisations more responsive to change and better able to adapt in an evolving digital environment. React to changing citizens’ needs and increase agility through our Agile Services.

Digitising manual processes

Citizen-centric solutions

Digital transformation is not restricted to the private sector – it’s something citizens have grown to expect from government organisations as well.
As such, an efficient and successful public sector business can be defined as one which can adjust to the fast-moving pace of technology.
In a constantly changing socio-economic environment, you can’t afford to be left behind. Start your digital transformation journey with Objectivity and become a technologically sophisticated organisation who adopts a truly citizen-centric approach.
Benefit from the digitisation of manual processes and significantly increase your productivity. We’ll help you to create a digital transformation plan aligned with the Government Digital Service Manual and provide you with solutions custom designed for the public sector.

Public sector management

Delivering better outcomes

We can help your organisation to streamline public sector management through digital transformation. The public sector needs to remain up-to-date in the same way as the private sector. In both sectors, customer satisfaction is key.

To improve outcomes for citizens, it is necessary to adjust to their demands, provide successful solutions to their problems and forecast their long-term needs.

We have delivered our digital transformation solutions to many organisations in the public sector, including:

  • Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (Sheep and Cattle Imaging App)
  • Northern Ireland Education Authority (improvement of the Special Education Needs & Disabilities process)
  • DEFRA (SharePoint Legal Management App)
  • Greater Manchester Combined Authority (Smart Resident Platforms).

Our state-of-the-art public sector software encompasses enterprise resource planning (ERP) by integrating technological innovations into the operations of your organisation. Public sector ERP software can be individually designed for any organisation and entirely adjusted to its needs, expectations, and daily operations. We understand technological advancements and share our innovative thinking with public sector organisations which truly long for change. 


What clients say about us

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Objectivity worked alongside our internal team and quickly established confidence and strong working relationships. I have been most impressed with their individuals’ capabilities and their drive for software quality. For these reasons, we have come to trust their ability to deliver. This together with their “Can Do” attitude makes them a fantastic team to work with!

Rohan Vendy

Chief Executive Officer at iCareHealth

Sales Executive

Nigel Lomas

We help the public sector to adopt technology innovations and improve efficiencies through using the most suitable technologies to produce the best outcomes.