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Low-Code Solutions for the Manufacturing industry

Low-code development has the power to accelerate digital transformation.

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A new digital experience

Supply chains are changing rapidly and the demand for shorter lead times, error reduction, and quality improvement requires efficient processes. Digital transformation is often stalled by long development times. Employing low-code technology can make a significant difference by accelerating delivery and facilitating the creation and modernisation of enterprise applications.

How low-code benefits the manufacturing industry

Accelerate your business transformation

Low-code can help you modernise your legacy systems, build solutions from scratch, or add new features to the software you already have. You’ll also be able to independently model supply chain and production planning processes.  

The technology makes use of visual development tools and building blocks such as flowcharts and tables, usually based on the "drag & drop" principle. As such, applications are modelled instead of programmed. Low-code can also enable you to bridge the gap between IT and other departments by democratising development and enabling citizen developers to create and optimise applications.  

The low-code concept is an efficient means of software development: the time to market is significantly accelerated, the operational risk and costs are reduced, and support and maintenance are simplified.

  • Time


    With low-code, applications are built in weeks instead of months – up to 10 times faster and with about 70% fewer resources than traditional development. 

  • Selection


    Innovation thanks to “drag & drop” modelling instead of programming. Low-code forms a bridge between citizen developers and professional developers. 

  • Acceptance Report


    Functions can be added later and the applications can be perfected step by step to eventually become tailor-made solutions.

  • Support Maintenance Fit For Purpose Solutions @10X


    Low-code solutions are scalable, secure, and extensible. They can be easily and quickly adjusted to changing market demand, employee requirements, or legal regulations.

Our services

Low-code solutions for manufacturing

We develop flexible and efficient applications for various types of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktops. With low-code applications for shop floor management or assembly, we can help you make optimal use of your domain knowledge and take better control of your operations.

Our low-code services tailored to the needs of the manufacturing industry include: 

  • mobile apps 
  • digitised work instructions 
  • bill of materials (BOM) 
  • engineering apps 
  • Proof of Concepts 
  • a replacement for your Excel spreadsheets 

In principle, all types of enterprise applications can be created using low-code. The technology can be used to make simple apps that increase productivity, customer service apps with integrated chatbots, or even to perform legacy system modernisation.  

The time advantage of low-code applications also plays a decisive role in the context of IoT applications. Simple and fast prototyping allows for the testing of different scenarios without having to make an expensive and time-consuming commitment.

Use case

A centralised platform for multiple manufacturing plants

An international industrial group with 185 companies and 25 factories worldwide commissioned Objectivity to create uniform and synchronised work instructions and bills of materials for 3 production plants. 

The main challenge concerned the inefficiency and possible risks of the existing system. Outdated technology was used with minimal support, and each site used its own independent work order system. The task was to create a single, standardised solution. Low-code was the ideal choice for this task because it allowed for the versioning mechanism and state dependencies to be implemented and integrated with other systems very quickly.  

Read the full case study and get inspiration for your next project. 


Start your project with Objectivity

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