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IoT Solutions for Manufacturing

Leveraging the Internet of Things for an innovative future.

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Harmonious connectivity with IoT 

Unlike in the private area, the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) focuses on creating seamless connections between machines and operational processes. The concept of IoT is to integrate machine learning and Big Data technologies, thereby significantly increasing the effectiveness of companies. A large number of sensors can be attached to a wide variety of manufacturing and production systems. This allows devices, components, and machines to communicate with each other and with people. Such connectivity leads to the optimisation of manufacturing processes and the avoidance of unnecessary downtimes, as well as easier and more accurate evaluation of machine and performance data. 

The proactive maintenance and repair of systems and machines is essential and possible thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning. Implementing these technologies allows for the replacement of machine parts before the final wear and tear and before a defect occurs. This all contributes to a significant reduction in downtimes. 

How IoT benefits the manufacturing industry 

Growth and new business models

The main advantages of using IoT in the manufacturing industry are optimised processes and increased efficiency. Faster data discovery and consistent data provide the transparency needed for more accurate predictions and proactive maintenance. Manufacturing companies can use these insights for improved quality and control. In addition, this enables a significant reduction in errors and generates rapid growth and new business models. 

Internet of Things can be used in the manufacturing industry in a wide variety of areas: 

  • real-time localisation 
  • continuous production 
  • mass production and serial production
  • replenishment
  • monitoring (condition monitoring)
  • proactive maintenance 
  • asset tracking 
  • distribution 
  • additional services 

Our services 

IoT for the manufacturing industry 

As a company, it is often not that easy to know your pain points and, above all, to keep track of possible solutions on the market. It is important to have a trustworthy partner at your side and to train employees at all levels. Our experts accompany you from the strategic process consulting stage, through creating a Proof of Concept, to the technical implementation, etc.  

The Internet of Things is not just about collecting data – it also needs to be analysed, enriched, and stored. Manufacturing companies rarely link IoT data to other important data. This lack of process leaves results incomplete and therefore inaccurate, which can lead to flawed decision making. The biggest challenge for decision makers here is to interpret the data correctly. This depends, among other things, on the structure, the process, or the (non-existent) visualisation of the data. When properly analysed, IoT data enables these smart factory initiatives to improve operational efficiency and customer experience. 

IoT solutions for the manufacturing industry: 

  • Devops Increased Quality And Stability

    Automated error messages

    Sensors can automatically forward production statuses and messages about defects and errors to an internal system, helping you to react quickly when problems arise.

  • Finance Improved Customer Experience

    Information in the event of incorrect order picking

    Through dashboard and real-time locating sensors. 

  • Support Maintenance Continuous Value Delivery

    Digital assembly instructions

    Assembly instructions can be called up and displayed digitally for your employees.

  • Homepage Successfull Projects

    Digital and automated bills of materials (BOM)

    Optimise your process and inventory and improve sustainability.

  • AI Enhanced Customer Experience

    Transparent supply chains

    Create complete control through asset tracking. 

  • Satellite

    Alarm when machine stops

    The digitally networked production machines provide you with easy access to information about unexpected failures anywhere, anytime, and on various devices. 

  • Area

    Smart order sensors

    Smart order sensors can be used anywhere — for instance, when the office coffee machine becomes defective, a security problem arises, or your employee realises that stock is running low.

  • Homepage Offices In Europe

    Smart office solutions

    Besides order sensors, we also offer other smart office and smart factory solutions, e.g. relating to security or health & safety.

  • Aboutus We Deliver On Our Promise

    Data retention & privacy

    Our experts are well-versed in data retention and protection. During consulting sessions, we’ll share how to store data and what you should avoid as well as provide you with insights on the backend, cloud, hybrid cloud, and security.

  • Devops Improved Collaboration

    Digital twins

    The real-time data from sensors can be used to create so-called digital twins — digital models of production. Thanks to simulations, changes in the system can be efficiently planned, optimised, and adapted.

Innovative companies are already using IoT to their advantage. Digital solutions help to increase profits and are relatively low risk and low cost, as the use of just a few sensors can already provide manufacturing companies with a comprehensive overview of all processes.

Use case 

Internet of Things for a better perspective 

Our customer — a service provider in the real estate industry — needed a cloud-based platform for its digital customer solutions. The goal was to use data obtained from real estate, production, and manufacturing plants intelligently and effectively. This involved various areas such as controlling, compliance with SLAs and KPIs, energy management, workplace management, and data-based maintenance and repairs. 

Objectivity designed and implemented a multi-layer digital twin ecosystem with an accompanying iOS app for the client. 


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