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Innovative IT solutions for the Manufacturing industry

Optimise your manufacturing processes with tailor-made business and technology solutions

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Industry-specific requirements and IT solutions

Driving smart manufacturing and digital transformation

Our solutions and services focus on key challenges along the entire value chain of companies in the manufacturing industry. We always take the time to thoroughly understand your needs and challenges to then jointly define a vision for how to bring added value to your business.

Take advantage of digitalisation to create a lean environment and effectively increase quality and output. Bring products to market faster and reduce your operating costs — sustainable solutions, without compromising quality and in compliance with legal requirements.

LEO — lean, excellence, operations

Operational Excellence

Our IT solutions for the manufacturing industry ensure business continuity, enable smarter and more autonomous processes and help you gain better insights from data. Consistent and automated manufacturing processes, agility, flexibility, scalability, compliance with industry guidelines, data security and data analysis — we have many years of experience in each of these areas.

Simplify and accelerate daily work processes, improve data transfer and data processing, and offer your stakeholders visually stimulating dashboards with real-time data and reports.

We help you to find concrete solutions in the context of the digitalisation of your company and offer all the services you need — from consulting and design to the implementation of highly developed software solutions for the manufacturing industry.

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Our services

What we offer

Get an overview of the entire value chain and rely on a data-driven business model. A suitable data strategy with a focus on measurability, data quality as well as security, and GDPR compliance can help you make more informed decisions.

  • Devops Increased Quality And Stability

    Data-driven processes

    In order to realise the true value of your data, it must be made accessible for analysis from anywhere in the company. We combine all data from production machines, company systems and supply chains and integrate them into the analysis process.

  • Aboutus We Deliver On Our Promise


    With our automation options, you can scale your company and optimise processes. Increase customer satisfaction through shorter production times, personalised service and lower your overall costs.

  • Support

    Rapid development with low code

    Get executable apps within weeks instead of months, and benefit from the scalability and extensibility of low-code solutions. For example, rapid development can help you synchronise your bill of materials (BOM) and accelerate delivery.

  • Support Maintenance Continuous Value Delivery @10X

    Real-time overview thanks to IoT

    IoT-sensors and devices provide rich data in real-time. In this way, operational insights of the highest benefit can be generated.

  • Devops Improved Collaboration

    Digital twin

    A virtual model of your company, production facility or supply chain that provides you with a real-time overview of your operations. Digital twins can also enable you to conduct risk analyses, tests, simulations, product development evaluations, and various other optimisations.

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