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Healthcare and Social Care Software Solutions

Delivering innovation and digital transformation with custom healthcare and social care software.

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Custom healthcare software development

Using technology to support patients and clinicians

At Objectivity, we aim to help health and social sector organisations to become innovative enterprises by employing the latest technologies in their day-to-day operations.

Our breadth of expertise in areas such as Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning or bespoke software development enable us to provide a range of end-to-end services.

Whereas our experience with healthcare industry projects gives us the unique insight needed to deliver sector-tailored, targeted solutions able to answer your specific challenges.

By partnering with us, you will be able to:

  • optimise your processes
  • increase the speed of innovation
  • lower operational costs
  • improve the quality of your products & services

Applying technological optimisations in your health or social care organisation will also enable you to build awareness, promote healthy living, and finally, empower patients to take better care of themselves.

Software for healthcare & social care

Transforming processes & improving care

Objectivity has worked with some of the world’s leading healthcare and social care organisations to deliver innovative software solutions that have improved the life chances of some of the most disadvantaged in society.

These partnerships have resulted in industry-leading patient care solutions as well as contributed to the overall optimisation of services, processes, and costs.

Explore our portfolio of health and social sector services:


  • Objectivity Icons Medical Software & Services

    Medical software & services

    • Modern healthcare software for doctors, carers, and patients
    • Patient portals and suites
    • Electronic Health Record systems
    • Safety measures and medical data protection
    • Connect tools, APIs, and systems (FHIR, HL7, ATNA, etc.)
    • Telemedicine software, chatbots
    • Remote patient monitoring

  • Objectivity Icons Supply Chain & Drug Manufacturing Solutions

    Supply chain & drug manufacturing solutions

    • Digital solutions for drug manufacturing and compounding
    • Process automation software
    • Bespoke Medication Order Management Systems
    • Drug Inventory Management Software
    • Data management and predictive maintenance
    • AI for pharmaceutical processing optimisation
    • IoT solutions for the pharmaceutical supply chain
    • Pharmaceutical supply chain quality assurance

  • Objectivity Icons Health Social & Wellbeing Services

    Health, social & wellbeing services

    • Solutions for social care and health trust organisations
    • Software for education institutions
    • Integration with social media channels to promote a healthy lifestyle
    • Social media applications that promote a healthy lifestyle
    • Digital support platforms for the disabled
    • Mobile health apps

  • Objectivity Icons Life Science Services & Solutions

    Life science services & solutions

    • AI/ML software for the interpreting of life science data and process optimisation
    • Medical imaging solutions, e.g. analysing MRI scans to find anomalies
    • Systems for the analysis of the in vivo cell base, e.g. image analysis and Deep Learning
    • Advanced solutions for early-stage drug discovery
    • Immunotherapy with AI

  • Objectivity Icons UK Healthcare Services

    UK healthcare services

    • NHS-compliant digital healthcare tools for doctors, carers, and patients
    • Integration and interoperability between NHS tools, APIs, and systems (NHS Login, HL7, ATNA, etc.)
    • Health Education software
    • NHS digital standards and legal regulations consulting
    • G-Cloud approved Project Management and Cloud Project Recovery

Digital transformation for health & social care


Healthcare services tailored to your needs

The services listed above are just some of the digital healthcare software solutions which can enable innovation and improve patient care.

Since every organisation’s needs are different, our team of technology and industry experts always takes the time to understand your specific challenges to apply the most fit-for-purpose solutions during project delivery.

We have worked with organisations in both the public and private health and social care sectors, enabling us to deliver the best solution for your organisation, regardless of whether you need pharmaceutical, hospital, remote patient monitoring software, etc.

At Objectivity, we specialise in the development of custom IT solutions for healthcare, with a focus on helping you to increase the quality of your services and your revenue. Our teams can create and implement any of the abovementioned health and social care services as well as realise any other project ideas you may have.

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What clients say about us

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Objectivity worked alongside our internal team and quickly established confidence and strong working relationships. I have been most impressed with their individuals’ capabilities and their drive for software quality. For these reasons, we have come to trust their ability to deliver. This together with their “Can Do” attitude makes them a fantastic team to work with!

Rohan Vendy

Chief Executive Officer at iCareHealth

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Sales Executive

Nigel Lomas

We help the public sector to adopt technology innovations and improve efficiencies through using the most suitable technologies to produce the best outcomes.


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