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Adopt digital healthcare solutions in your business to increase revenue and optimise your operations.

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Healthcare software systems

The benefits of IT solutions for healthcare

At Objectivity, we create fully custom healthcare software using a range of fit-for-purpose technologies to meet your business challenges and goals.
We have partnered with our clients to build bespoke healthcare IT solutions, which:

  • Offer worldwide accessibility
  • Track orders and current state of manufacture
  • Adhere to strict security protocols
  • Pass formal government inspections
  • Possess secure, encrypted data repositories
  • Enable customers to place online orders

These are just some of the digital healthcare software features, which can help you grow your business. Since every company’s needs are different, our team of experts always takes the time to understand your specific project requirements in order to be able to suggest the most fit-for-purpose solutions.
We specialise in the development of custom IT solutions for healthcare, which help you increase your customer base and revenue. Our team can create and implement any of the abovementioned features well as realise any other project ideas you may have.

Custom solutions for healthcare

Digital solution developed in just 12 months

We have been helping our healthcare industry clients to increase their revenue and better serve their customers since 1991.
One such client, a pharmaceutical company specialising in the production of specialist medications, was looking to add an innovative digital healthcare solution to their portfolio within the span of just 12 months.
The client’s new system needed to enable the company to take orders from hospitals and pharmacists, control its manufacturing process, and quickly dispense lifesaving drugs to customers. The healthcare application also needed to adhere to strict standard regulations, such as those of the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).
Supported by the bespoke healthcare application we created, the client was able to pass their MHRA inspection and gain their license in the imposed 12-month timeframe.
The solution is now a core part of the client’s business operations and has allowed them to see a range of operational benefits, such as:

  • Significantly reduced turnaround times for orders
  • Reduced human errors and increased automated error detection
  • Implemented full online ordering and delivery tracking
  • Increased security; encrypted all sensitive data
  • Reduced processing times and associated costs

Case studies

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What clients say about us

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Objectivity worked alongside our internal team and quickly established confidence and strong working relationships. I have been most impressed with their individuals’ capabilities and their drive for software quality. For these reasons, we have come to trust their ability to deliver. This together with their “Can Do” attitude makes them a fantastic team to work with!

Rohan Vendy

Chief Executive Officer at iCareHealth

UK Account Manager

Murad Uddin

We create custom-tailored software solutions to enable you to meet your business growth objectives. Start your project with Objectivity today to be ready for the digital world of tomorrow.