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Software Solutions for Financial Services

Modernise your business and boost innovation.

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Financial industry software development

Driving digital transformation in financial services

Today, successful financial organisations learn to leverage digital transformation to boost growth and create an excellent customer experience while continuously ensuring regulatory compliance and managing risk and cybersecurity. Moreover, in such a highly competitive sector, companies need to innovate and evolve to gain and maintain a business advantage.

At Objectivity, we understand the demands of the finance market as well as regulatory implications the sector is facing. With over 10 years of experience working with clients in banking, insurance, and investment, we help financial organisations modernise their systems, drive innovation, and improve efficiency, enabling them to better serve their customers and achieve their business goals.

The benefits of financial services software

Harness the value of industry-specific solutions

  • Banking

    Outpace market disruptors by providing outstanding customer experience. Optimise your operations through legacy software modernisation, system integration, and the rapid development of cloud-based, compliant, and secure solutions.

  • Insurance

    Improve customer retention and loyalty with the help of digital portals, streamlined customer services, and claim management processes. Elevate fraud detection, pricing, and underwriting with data analytics and modern AI.

  • Investment

    Modernise your asset management platforms, implement paperless office, and optimise business processes through automation and system integration. Provide your clients with omnichannel experience by employing the rapid development of low-code multi-channel applications.

  • Fintech

    Focus on your disruptive, innovative products and services while dedicated specialists scale up the delivery of your IT operations. Complement your team with the skills and expertise you require to gain flexibility and quickly seize market opportunities.

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What we have to offer

Comprehensive solutions for the finance sector

Take advantage of data, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning operations (MLOps) to drive better decision-making. Boost the efficiency of your operations with AI-based case prioritisation and increase customer acquisition and retention with propensity models. Produce accurate forecasts, improve risk analyses and fraud detection, and optimise costs with enhanced resource allocation.

Why Objectivity

Delivering outstanding results with tailor-made financial services software

At Objectivity, we always strive to understand and cater to your specific needs, thus we take an individual and agile approach to project delivery. As a mature software house, we know the challenges that modernisation, integration, and innovation initiatives present, and we have successfully addressed them with our clients in the highly regulated environment of the finance sector. 

Our engagement model is highly collaborative, and we keep your key stakeholders involved and informed throughout the project’s duration. We’re technology-agnostic, and we’ll always select a solution that best matches your needs. Still, we’re not afraid to challenge the status quo and present you with new ideas that could bring more value to your organisation. As experts in service design, we’ll help you craft truly fit-for-purpose software solutions for financial services. 

Case studies

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What clients say about us

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Ascentric has embarked upon a complex and wholesale transformation initiative to modernise their core back office and front office systems. We needed additional specialist skills to enhance our in-house resources and we chose Objectivity. They worked alongside our internal team and quickly established confidence and strong working relationships. This positively reinforced our expectations of nearshore outsourcing. I have been most impressed with the very high technical quality and the “Can Do” attitude of the Objectivity team. They also contributed to the development of a successful technical architecture.

Thomas Coombs

Head of Architecture Ascentric

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Director of Financial Services

Tomasz Filak

We deliver bespoke, custom-tailored software solutions for the finance sector. Whether your goal is excellent customer experience, optimised operations, enhanced security, innovation, or all of them, our experts will help you achieve it. Start your project with Objectivity today to be ready for the digital world of tomorrow.


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