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Modernise your financial software systems to gain greater flexibility, increase revenue, and streamline processes.

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Modern investment management

Software and finance – the perfect match

By focusing on extending the life of legacy applications, Objectivity helps companies from the financial services industry to get more out of what they already have. Applying modern financial software solutions reduces changeover risks and renders legacy systems more reliable.
Financial software solutions can help you gain an advantage over your competitors. Making use of smart and accurate financial and banking software applications significantly improves real-time visibility and optimises processes.

  • Time

    Extended life of legacy systems

    Our 9-step approach helps to avoid capital investment in new replacement systems and eliminates associated implementation risks.

  • Aboutus We Are Pragmatic

    Seamlessly integrated systems

    Integrate systems across third-party applications and innovative financial software solutions to simplify and streamline workflows.

  • AI Enhanced Customer Experience

    Improved customer experience

    Chatbots, AI, and other new technologies help to create more agile, customer-focused, and tech-savvy businesses, which are reliable, flexible, and secure.

IT for financial services

Digital transformation for finance

The financial market is becoming more and more competitive which means that companies operating in the banking and finance services industry need to meet market demand for increased innovation and security.
Digital transformation efforts which employ modern financial software solutions help to streamline investment management and protect consumers – increasing their trust and enhancing their customer experience.
At Objectivity, we stay continuously up-to-date with the rapid and constant changes taking place in the financial sector. We do so in order to be able to use our technological capabilities to efficiently manage your industry’s specific challenges, and for you to be able to react and solve them quickly.
As part of our offer, we provide financial software development services which focus on design, innovation, and security – making sure to provide you with everything you need to answer the modern demands of the financial industry.

Case studies


What clients say about us

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Ascentric has embarked upon a complex and wholesale transformation initiative to modernise their core back office and front office systems. We needed additional specialist skills to enhance our in-house resources and we chose Objectivity. They worked alongside our internal team and quickly established confidence and strong working relationships. This positively reinforced our expectations of nearshore outsourcing. I have been most impressed with the very high technical quality and the “Can Do” attitude of the Objectivity team. They also contributed to the development of a successful technical architecture.

Thomas Coombs

Head of Architecture Ascentric

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UK Account Manager

Murad Uddin

We create custom-tailored software solutions to enable you to meet your business growth objectives. Start your project with Objectivity today to be ready for the digital world of tomorrow.


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