IDEAapp_ – unleash your ideas

There comes a time when you would like to turn ideas into existing projects. And there comes a time when you can do whatever you want. This is IDEAapp_, our internal hackathon to boost innovation.

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The idea

IDEAapp_ rules

The main thought behind IDEAapp_ is to create the most creative and innovative applications possible in a short time. Participants can choose any topic they want and create solution to any problem there is.

The rules are simple: 10 teams, 3-5 people each, 2 days of non-work-related projects. The goal: to stay creative and take a break from everyday duties. And to do something fun. Plus, we are learning how to come up with innovative solutions and use cutting-edge technologies in practice. This year IDEAapp_ takes place on 21st and 22nd November. You can read more about the rules of IDEAapp_ here.

In the past we had apps solving car parking problems, an app analysing table football games, AR apps and online solutions for meetings. If you would like to read more about the innovations which we created last year, go to the IDEAapp_ website.

IDEAapp_ rules
What’s next

Choosing the winner

It became our IDEAapp tradition to award more than one team. The winner is selected by a Contest Committee, which awards the most innovative project. Second place, an Audience Award, is based on public voting in the company. Last year we had two special prizes: Technology Deep Dive Award for the most technologically sophisticated project and an Outrageous Ambition Award given by Peter Brookes-Smith, Group Managing Director. Winners will be announced on 14th December. Stay tuned!