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One of the main challenges which we are facing is staying creative, innovative and coming up with fresh ideas every day. How to keep new concepts coming? We believe that from time to time it’s good to immerse ourselves in something different and make a non-work-related project. In 3 days.

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The idea

IDEAapp_ 2017

This is the main thought behind IDEAapp_, our internal hackathon in which the most creative and innovative applications are created in just few days. You can read more about the rules of IDEAapp_ here.

This year 10 teams had 3.5 days to do their research, create a concept, develop and present their applications. How do we choose which application is the best one? The winner of IDEAapp_ is selected by a contest committee. Objectivity people can choose their favorite project as well. There is an Audience Award which goes to the team, which project was chosen in the public voting.

The best projects

2017 Winners

1st PlaceARoom – a platform created as a mix of AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality), which will show you a secret door to one of the rooms in our office. You can take a walk, look around, feel the atmosphere of our office and come back to your real world.

Audience AwardCarpooling Challenge –  the app allows drivers to add lifts and share their willingness to pick up Objectivity’s employees. From passengers’ perspective, the Carpooling Challenge app helps you to find a lift to work or back home at desired hours. Each lift is granted one point and all registered drivers are taking part in Carpooling Challenge. The best three in each month will get the parking spots in the underground garage for three months. It is eco-friendly, solves a problem of parking lot spaces, and gives the employees a chance to network.

This year, there were 2 more awards for the exceptional projects:

Technology Deep Dive Award – for the most technologically advanced application – Alter Table – a football table game analysis, which provides deep insights into the match statistics including: ball possession, top speed of the ball and automated goal detection.

PBS Award for the Outrageous Ambition – the award given by the Managing Director, Peter Brookes-Smith – FundBox – an application which gathers all of the company’s CSR activities in one place. Thanks to this app, you can participate in any action you wish, by signing up as a volunteer or transferring money.

All of us at Objectivity we were thrilled to see how technologies we use every day in commercial projects were used in unexpected ways. Each edition of IDEAapp_ proves, that getting out of daily routines is very refreshing. Even if it means even more coding.

If you would like to read more about the innovations which we created in a little bit over 3 days, go to the IDEAapp_ website

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