IDEAapp_ a fun way to innovate

Our customers come to us with complex problems and they trust we will find the right solution. To keep doing that we need to stay creative and innovative. This is why we are launching the IDEAapp_ contest for the second time.

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Written by Objectivity
What's it about

IDEAapp_ contest - the rules

IDEAapp_ is a contest dedicated to our colleagues, in which teams can create any application they want.

Rules are simple. We judge creativity in the execution of an idea, innovation in the selection of technologies and solutions, the usefulness of an application, and the visual appearance.

Last year, we had 11 teams competing for 4 days overall, with 2 days for development. After a long discussion, a committee named a winner: a team who created a wonderful, cooperative game for our guests or event attendants. It is a kind of asteroid shooter where three people guide one space-ship.

What's next

This year we raise the stakes

The competition was tough, and there were two more prizes: Managing Director’s, and people’s.

This year we expect even stronger competition. We will have a 10 teams limit, 3.5 days projects with 2 days for development, and two winners. The results will be announced by 15th December, so stay tuned to see what can be achieved with a bit of free time and lots of expertise.

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