How we work

Our clients value our close collaboration. It allows us to solve their increasingly complex business challenges.

The ability to design a precise solution, on one hand, depends on having the right kind of information. We gather it while collaborating with our clients, as well as our technology partners like Microsoft. On the other hand – we need to creatively process gathered knowledge. This is where our agile and innovative tools come in handy.


How we engage

The most important thing for us is to ensure the investment you make in software delivers the value you seek. To achieve this, we work closely with you to understand your business, your challenges and your goals. This provides the insight required to define an approach which meets your business needs.

We don’t just build bespoke solutions, our approach to every engagement is bespoke, unique and tailored to your specific needs. Our broad portfolio of services allows us to match the level of engagement to your requirements. For instance, if you need to clarify your business goals, we can provide a consultancy service to help you. If you know what you need and why, we will start with a short discovery phase to understand your needs and then propose an approach for delivery. If your challenge results in a need to reengineer an existing solution, our technical engineers will audit the solution and recommend a way forward.

In all cases we start small to minimise your investment and ensure we are solving your problem as efficiently as possible.

Agile approach

How we work

Agility is one of our values, so it’s natural that Agile is our preferred delivery approach. There’s more though. We take the philosophy from Agile, not the whole framework, so we always adapt the approach to the specific needs of the project or project phase. We often start with a Discovery Phase to identify the business drivers, get to know the environment and define the constraints we will need to work within.

We put emphasis on collaboration and transparency, so you can see what we are working on, see what the interim results are and verify if the direction we are going is the one you are expecting. The Discovery Phase will allow you to judge if the project is worth the investment, what investment it requires and what is the best approach to maximise business value.

step by step

Transparent delivery

The moment we start the development you’ll meet our people. You’ll learn that they are experts in understanding and solving business and technical problems, so working hand in hand with them in a partnership will bear great fruits.

You’ll have insight into the project delivery at every stage via regular and direct communication with the team (demos, reviews, daily meetings etc.) and through the regular reporting we provide. Because transparency and honesty are so important to us, we have created an autonomous department within our organisation responsible for project assurance. It operates outside of the project delivery structures, audits projects for our clients and raises red flags in case of issues.

After the implementation phase you won’t be left alone. We will provide support for the solution where needed and we offer a variety of support models, tailored to fit your needs. If a handover is required, we will prepare a handover plan which ensures the smooth operation of the system during the transition.


How we design and develop solutions

Figure 1 Development approach – assessment map 


Software development is no different than other services designed to address different human needs – there isn’t a golden bullet, one overarching approach, which solves all the problems and fits in all situations. Thus, understanding and managing the complexity that comes with each new engagement becomes a key competence of a solution provider company.

Objectivity roots are in bespoke development, which guarantees a solution for any type of problem, even niche, complex and unique ones. However, we do understand that in a world of time and budget constraints, as well as expectations for fast ROI, delivering bespoke efficiently requires accelerators and enablers, like cloud services, low code platforms or open source libraries.

In our experience, very few problems require a dedicated approach. Making a compromise is inevitable, especially when betting on software democratisation as well as time to market availability. In such cases, low-code platforms can help ($$ on Figure 1), with their ability to easily translate simple needs into running software. They fill the gap between bespoke and COTS or no-code products, which on the other hand, are fine for common, recurring problems that have been solved many times, especially in daily, operational tasks and processes ($ on Figure 1).

Thus, our philosophy may be summarised as the art of managing multiple approaches to deliver the best value for money in long lasting relationships. Addressing simple problem with simple solutions allows our customers to invest their time and money into solving complex problems with unique solutions, to build competitive advantage in their core offering. Our holistic services, from consulting, through governed delivery, to high quality support care, allow us to assist our customers throughout this journey.

Figure 2 Development approach – decision map 


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Each member of the objectivity team is technically excellent and I am impressed by their definition of "Excellence". This together with their attitude towards integrity makes them a near-shore partner that I can trust.
Alex Kucharski
Head of Software Development and Delivery at Ascentric