How we work

Our clients value our close collaboration. It allows us to solve their increasingly complex business challenges.

The ability to design a precise solution, on one hand, depends on having the right kind of information. We gather it while collaborating with our clients, as well as our technology partners like Microsoft. On the other hand – we need to creatively process gathered knowledge. This is where our agile and innovative tools come in handy.

What guides us

Our development philosophy


IT is the foundation of modern business. The environment changes rapidly, and organisations need to quickly adapt their services, processes and software to the market. Modern software means a short time to market, low OPEX and innovation to deliver and preserve competitive advantage.

Traditionally, bespoke development has been associated with what we call the “more code” approach – a long, unwieldy delivery with high costs. This is a myth now. We know this because we have over 25 years of software delivery behind us.

For us, bespoke means a hybrid solution that satisfies modern market demands. It is assembled from cloud services, 3rd party and open-source frameworks and libraries, with custom code only where it makes sense. We seek to creatively solve your challenges, not just deliver software. To provide value for your business early and frequently, we focus on three approaches: less code, low code, and no code. The method we choose depends on your needs.

Good bespoke is, in a way, like a tailored shirt. It is targeted at the specificity of your business, and gives you a unique competitive advantage. It also allows you to get ROI earlier through incremental delivery of the most value-adding functionalities. You don’t have to worry about a disappearing vendor, because it is you who owns the solution.

We solve your unique problems, and choose appropriate methods of doing so. We look for the simplest and cheapest solutions first, and deliver a best-suited mixture of off-the-shelf products (both on-premise and SAAS), packages, bespoke, low-code and no-code platforms. We leverage good design and the newest technologies to help you get ahead of the curve.

Research and innovation
Research and innovation
Close collaboration

How we engage

We prefer long-lasting relationships to short, discrete pieces of work. Understanding a new business domain, a new organisation and new people takes a lot of time and effort. A client’s return on their investment increases over time with established and trusted business partners.

Our goal is to build cooperation that brings value to your business. Although we have a proved framework for doing so, we do not blindly follow pre-set rules – where necessary, we are flexible in building partnership frameworks. We start with creating an environment for close collaboration and frequent communication. We want to be open and transparent. Once the communication channels are set up, we appoint dedicated teams to projects. This way you are sure that your needs are fulfilled by a group of named people, not just interchangeable resources. Every modification of the project team is agreed with the stakeholders.

A typical engagement with Objectivity progresses through three phases:

  1. Presales and qualification

    This is an opportunity for both parties to understand each other. Our potential clients need to be sure that we have the skills, experience and capability to help them.

  2. Implementation

    A preparation, design and delivery of one or more services that solve your business challenges.

  3. Support

    This is the live support and maintenance of your systems and services. We will support systems that are built by ourselves as well as client-owned or third party resources.

Building relationships

To learn more about how we build better working relationships, see this summary.

Principles of engagement
Agile delivery

Work methodology

Work methodology

In a highly competitive world, businesses need to act swiftly and precisely. They need to rapidly move towards an outcome that adds measurable value. That’s why at the core of our work methodology is agility. To get the solution right, we will collaborate with you closely and invite frequent feedback. To be able to properly and adequately prioritise work, we communicate with a committed Product Owner from your side. However, we are very careful not to blindly follow principles set forward by Agile methodology. Our aim is always to align our delivery to your business reality.

We do more


Innovation doesn’t happen spontaneously. If you want to get ahead of the curve, you need a reliable partner. In order to be that, we need to be creative.

This is why we have set up an environment that breeds innovation. Our experience, and multidisciplinary teams, and a set of creative methods come together at innovation events we run for our clients. We are constantly preparing for these moments.


See how innovation happens at Objectivity.

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We strive for excellence in every aspect of our company.
Peter Brookes-Smith
Group Managing Director at Objectivity until 2018