Great Place to Work Europe 2018

How do you know when your employees are happy? When they independently give your company high scores in an anonymised survey.

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Written by Objectivity
How does it work?

How can you reach top 12 in GPTW Europe 2018?

The recipe seems to be quite simple:

  1. Talk to your employees.
  2. Listen to their needs and concerns.
  3. By answering these needs and concerns create an environment that enables personal and professional growth.
  4. Give your employees an opportunity to speak their mind and create gatherings.
  5. Every year run a GPTW survey that gives you a good indication of areas which need more attention in your organisation.

It turns out that if you do the steps 1 to 4 carefully enough, the 5th comes out really positive. GPTW survey is run inside your company and the answers are completely anonymised, which enables employees to be honest.

At Objectivity, we put very strong emphasis on our people, and it is them that allowed our company to reach top 12 in cross-European GPTW 2018! It’s a great success and we are really proud and honoured to get this award.

How can you reach top 12 in GPTW Europe 2018?
Voice of the employees

One of the best companies in Europe

The award conference took place in Athens, 14th June. Objectivity was placed in a category Best Large Workplaces (501+ employees). We were awarded along companies like:

  • Domino-world
  • Workday
  • Version 1
  • Baringa Partners
  • KBC

“It is a fantastic feeling to be recognized by our employees and GPTW institute for the effort of creating a great workplace” says Kalina Pasternak, Objectivity’s Retain Lead, who represented our company at the award ceremony. “It is a privilege to be in the group. Today, during the event, we have learned that we need to pay attention and understand employees even more than ever. Together we create a place where everyone spends a significant part of life. Company’s goal is to make this a meaningful experience.”