Improving oral health…with a chatbot

When Unilever asked us to help, we gave them the world.



Unilever is a global company selling fast-moving consumer goods. The company makes some of the world’s best-known brands – all are on a journey to reducing their environmental footprint and increasing their positive social impact. Unilever has a simple but clear purpose – to make sustainable living commonplace.


For over 25 years, Smile, Unilever’s oral care masterbrand, has been on a mission to encourage good brushing habits through school programmes and free dental check-ups, partnering with dentists and schools to teach children how to brush day and night.
Little Brush Big Brush is Smile’s free interactive behaviour change game to get children excited about brushing their teeth. Launched at the end of 2016, Little Brush Big Brush is now being used in homes across 16 markets.

Little Brush Big Brush

Some of the best creative talent on the planet developed the award-winning Little Brush Big Brush campaign for Unilever’s Smile oral care masterbrand.

Brushing teeth for kids bouncing around the room can be a nightmare. Unilever’s vision is to turn it into as much fun as a kid can have. They created an award winning, interactive campaign that gets kids so engaged in regular brushing they actually enjoy it. Sending 21 daily reminders, a Facebook Messenger chatbot serves up a series of fun cartoon stories and a virtual brushing coach so that brushing becomes habitual.

Following a successful initial rollout, the brand decided to take their campaign to new markets. They realised they needed a chatbot platform that would enable them to easily build and deploy localised versions in multiple languages. Their search led them to Objectivity.

Working closely with the brand and the client’s technical team we moved the chatbot from a proprietary solution to a scalable platform, built by Objectivity and owned by Unilever. Our agile approach, using Microsoft’s Bot Framework and other Azure cloud services, helped us meet the project’s time, cost and quality demands. This made customisation easy, reduced costs, and means the campaign can spread to new territories quickly and easily.

Objectivity gave Unilever a custom dashboard built on Microsoft Power BI to track this innovative and highly successful campaign.

When the client decided to refresh the chatbot with Augmented Reality, we were able to accommodate this improvement seamlessly. We worked closely with the team from Unilever, the global creative production company MediaMonks, and Facebook, to roll out the new version and help ensure Little Brush Big Brush continues to engage and delight kids across the globe.

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