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Edrington is an international spirits company based in Scotland. Its history stretches back to 1887. Since then, Edrington has managed to build its international reputation with brands like The Macallan, The Famous Grouse, or Highland Park. Objectivity as a strategic technology partner to Edrington, have applied both technology and operational innovation, to modernise old applications and to provide long-term support for Edrington’s ongoing global business growth.

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Key achievements of our partnership:

  • Seamless transition from an old application landscape to a modern system defined with Edrington.
  • Introducing Edrington to an agile operational model.
  • Building a successful engagement model with business users and stakeholders. The engagement model is managed by Objectivity, making it easy for Edrington to focus on developing their business.
  • Launching an umbrella support model which ensures Edrington’s business continuity.
  • Giving Edrington certainty that we keep the domain knowledge, which means that new projects and team members start faster.

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