EFQM appreciates our Welcome Pack

Welcome Pack introduces people to the organization, gives them a package of necessary information and makes them familiar with the structure.

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Written by Objectivity

Welcome Pack

We are very happy that the success story of our Welcome Pack has been appreciated by EFQM and given as a model of good practice to copy by other companies.

Every new hire at Objectivity is given a personalized Welcome Pack. We are aware that after accepting the job offer, the candidates are waiting for the first day in a new company in uncertainty, even if it is their dream job and employer, even if the new job offers the best development prospects and even if they know someone already working for this company. In fact, these factors are positive, but uncertainty about what they find in the new workplace appears (almost) always. To minimize the feeling of loss in the company, we’ve came up with our own vision of Welcome Pack and put it into practice.

Considering positive reactions of our employees to Welcome Pack, I can definitely say that we’ve made the right decision that helped us to build good relations with employees. We wanted our new staff members to know that they come to a place where everyone is waiting for them and positive impression after the recruitment process is only the beginning of a larger, positive experience that is work for Objectivity.

Piotr Szatkowski
Managing Director at Objectivity

If you want to know how exactly our Welcome Pack looks like, please visit http://www.efqm.org/success-stories/ready-steady-hire

Welcome Pack


We are member of EFQM, an international not for profit organization that as a European Foundation, inspires organizations to achieve sustainable excellence by engaging leaders to learn, share and innovate using the EFQM Excellence Model. In 2015 they honoured us the Recognised for Excellence 5 star, and thereby, we’ve joined the ranks of brands known around the world that promote the idea of sharing their know-how.