Diamonds are not forever, but for a twelve-month period

The prestigious Forbes diamond award, February 2016.

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Written by Objectivity
A great recognition

We were placed second in the annual Forbes ranking

We are not a company that needs to brag about awards and put them on the shelf. Our reputation precedes us and we pride ourselves on our people and place them above any recognition — it’s the staff who spend every day with us that bring the real value to Objectivity. However, we will not feign false modesty and pretend that awards don’t matter to us at all, especially when they are based on hard data and offer undeniable proof that our customers can trust in our abilities. We love to be recognised in a way that tells the outside world who we are.

So, when we were placed second in the annual Forbes ranking – a prestigious litmus test for any dynamically developing company in the country – we felt it was something we should really shout about.

The truth is, the Forbes award is one that really matters. It matters because the institution itself is internationally and instantly recognised throughout the business world; and the mere fact that Objectivity is rubbing shoulders with such a company illustrates that we have come a long way in our journey and are now acknowledged by some the giants of the business community. Our journey started with a decision 25 years ago about the kind of company we wanted to be, and continues today as we move in different circles but with the same overarching philosophy and ethics.

However, for us, the most important aspect of the award is not who is presenting it but what it represents. The diamond status isn’t the subjective opinion of a couple of judges; it’s based upon information that Forbes obtain from the National Court and is their official confirmation that our company has obtained a minimum market growth rate of 15%, based on a list of companies with a positive credibility rating compiled but Bisnode Poland.

That’s why this is in an award that we will look after, keep polished and display proudly on the shelf. But only for one year…

Why? Well, whilst our existing clients know that we are trusted partner and a dynamic firm – and potential blue chip customers now have further proof of our capabilities – the beauty of the award is that it is only valid for that one year… just 365 days, 31,536,000 fleeting seconds. That means that we will cherish it for twelve months, but the challenge for us now is to keep improving and ensure that we win it again next year — because 25 years of doing things the right way have taught us that success has no end destination.

In order to stay relevant and stay on top we need to keep growing. As Piotr Szatkowski, Operational Director at Objectivity, puts it, “Our goal is not to maintain the status quo, but the continuous development and increasing market share, without losing the overarching values of our company.” We are proud of the success and the Diamond Award from such a prestigious institution as Forbes, but the challenge now (which we have already accepted) is to try and achieve that status again… and again… and again.