Delivering value with Forrester

Objectivity’s goal is a digital transformation of the Client’s business. To achieve this, Objectivity cooperates closely with Clients to ensure that proposed solutions will bring measurable value to their businesses.

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Digital transformation

The shift in the digital transformation

Understanding how the market evolves is a challenging task, especially if you operate in multiple sectors. “Digital leaders must evolve today’s business capabilities. What worked in the past is no guarantee of future success” states Forrester in the Top Capabilities To Accelerate Digital Transformation report from April 2018. Objectivity is a Forrester client, and we believe that this provides us with insights about the market and the ability to understand our Client’s needs and upcoming challenges.

In the past, companies focused on their products and services. This was the main value they were offering – the characteristic of a product, its features. Nowadays companies must shift the focus from what they do, to what they deliver to their customers.

To differentiate on the market, companies must place their products in a right context of experiences and desires. The sales process is especially important. Supply chain, distribution, and after-sales services are among the areas where digital transformation will be happening in the foreseeable future. If we can focus on these aspects, we will gain a competitive advantage.



Ecosystem of partners

How does Objectivity work?

Creating a comprehensive service requires both technical knowledge and tools (known as hard assets) as well as adequate methodologies, models and framework (known as soft assets).

We are on the market for over 27 years. During this time, we have worked on a set of assets which are speeding up processes and improving the overall efficiency. What does it mean to our Customers? We are not starting the cooperation from scratch. We are ready to start the project immediately with a focus on Client’s business value.

You can learn more about how Objectivity works here.

Ecosystem of partners

Digital Transformation is a complex topic. This is why Objectivity doesn’t work alone. We are a part of an ecosystem, together with our partners. Why we do this? To deliver tailored solutions which suit business needs of our Customers. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner and we have a vast experience in Microsoft technologies. We use Mendix platform for low code development. We are a registered Umbraco partner. In 2015 we were recognized for Excellence by EFQM and awarded five stars. We have ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications. Moreover, Objectivity is an approved Crown Commercial Service Supplier. We partner with Forrester to orient ourselves on delivering the highest value currently possible.

The future of digital transformation

How does the future look like? The world of business is constantly changing, but thanks to our approach and continuous learning we’re easily adapting to the competitive market. Digital transformation is happening in the legacy systems. The need to automate existing processes is growing. Thanks to our assets and partnerships, we know how to deliver effective experiences and innovations which will bring value to your business. If you are working with a legacy system and struggling with ineffective processes, we can help you automate them.