Create a bot in a day – supporting the public sector

Dealing with recurring inquiries from your customers costs money and time. There’s a way to save them. Recently, we had a pleasure to run a workshop “Create a BOT in a day – Cloud for London mini-hack event”. We proved that a problem like this can be solved in one afternoon.

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Written by Objectivity
Workshop for public sector

Create a BOT in a day – Cloud for London mini-hack event

How is it possible?

Thanks to Microsoft’s bot technology, we are able to create a fully working chatbot in just a few hours.  What we need, is a database of frequently asked questions and answers. Depending on the amount of reoccurring questions, we can create a knowledgebase for the bot even in less than 30 minutes. Questions can be very specific. During the workshop we were working with public sector representatives, so most inquiries were related to issues like council tax issues or refuse collection.

Why would you need it?

Our main goal during the event was to show attendees how a chatbot can support them in everyday work. It can be implemented in a variety of ways: in Skype, MS Teams or on the website. When a chatbot is answering citizens’ questions, authorities can focus on solving other critical issues. Therefore, chatbot solutions are valuable to all parties: they are saving money and time of the government and, by answering in real time, they provide a big value and satisfaction for citizens.

Technology supporting public sector

The mini-hack gathered public sector representatives from London’s local authorities. They are constantly looking for new ways of providing better services for citizens and this is where chatbots can help. During the workshop, they had a chance to create a valuable tool, which is now ready to use.

If you are facing dozens of questions a day or you would like to discuss how a bot can help you, don’t hesitate to contact us!