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Cloud Done Right: Effective Cost Management eBook

Download our FREE eBook to discover proven cloud cost management strategies.

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Download your FREE copy of the “Cloud Done Right: Effective Cost Management” eBook

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Looking to lower your cloud costs?

Our “Cloud Done Right: Effective Cost Management” eBook provides tried, tested, and proven cost management methods for both Azure and AWS.

It shines a light on some of the most common cloud-related misconceptions and provides real-world examples of how to successfully leverage the cloud to see a return on investment.

In it, you’ll learn:

  • How to effectively combine your migration & modernisation efforts
  • How to save up to 72% with Azure Reserved Instances
  • How to use AWS Cost Management to control your expenses
  • How AWS Serverless architecture costs compare to traditional hosting

What’s inside the “Cloud Done Right: Effective Cost Management” eBook?

Cloud Modernisation & Migration: The Perfect Pair?

IDG’s survey found that 67% of respondents see modernisation efforts as essential to digital transformation. However, migration for the sake of migration isn’t the right catalyst for cloud adoption. We recommend looking at the big picture and figuring out what you’d like your systems to look like in the long run. This section of the eBook covers how to effectively approach your migration and modernisation needs, what to avoid on your cloud journey, and how to select the right cloud partner.

Azure Cloud Cost Management: Key Optimisations

Azure cost management and optimisation require practical knowledge and insight – in fact, you might even need to conduct an audit of your infrastructure. However, the key to effective cost optimisation is to get value within a short period of time. Otherwise, you might overinvest in an investigation that could yield findings not worth the time and effort. In this section of the eBook, you’ll learn about certain quick tweaks you can make to your Azure infrastructure to save a portion of your budget.

AWS Cost Management: How to Control Expenses?

According to IDG, 69% of organisations find that their cloud costs are higher than they anticipated. The AWS Cost Management tool suite allows customers to quickly and easily generate custom billing reports. This section of the eBook will teach you how to generate sample reports and help you familiarise yourself with a few quick wins, which we identified in our cloud projects.

Do More & Pay Less with AWS Serverless

While, in theory, the FaaS computing model promises that you will bear ‘no costs for idle servers’, the question is: how does this work in practice? Are there any hidden costs and, if so, where are they? For this section of the eBook, we created an example booking web application to calculate how much an AWS Serverless solution actually costs. The results of the experiment will enable you to learn how AWS Serverless architecture is billed and how to estimate the associated monthly costs.


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