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A CFO’s Perspective on FinOps

Watch our webinar to learn about the benefits of FinOps and how to make the most of its adoption.

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On-demand webinar

How to optimise cloud costs? 

As cloud continues to gain popularity and transform businesses, Finance departments across the world have to adapt to the new reality. How to retain financial control and governance when the procurement process has become more dynamic and driven by the technical teams? FinOps can be a solution to this issue and several other challenges. 

Watch the webinar to learn: 

  • What FinOps is and how it affects organisations adopting it, 
  • The main challenges faced by CFOs when moving to the cloud, 
  • How finance departments can benefit from cloud adoption, 
  • The key areas to look at when optimising cloud usage in your organisation, 
  • How to assess your FinOps maturity level. 



Align your finance and technical departments 

Successful cloud financial management 

While cloud adoption can be immensely beneficial to the entire organisation, it is often driven by technical teams. The less tech-savvy Finance and Procurement departments have to quickly adjust to the new reality.  

Watch Objectivity’s Michał Piskozub (Financial Director) and Michał Jankowski (Cloud Lead Technologist) discuss FinOps and its impact on today’s business. Our experts share their experience and provide important advice to everyone considering the adoption of FinOps.  

Learn how to set up your internal processes and which areas to focus on during the transition. Setting your KPIs so they’re relevant to your business goals requires in-depth knowledge of both your organisation and the cloud.  

Sign up for the on-demand webinar and reduce your cloud costs with FinOps.  


Our experts

Speaker Michal Piskozub (1)

Michał Piskozub

Finance Director, Objectivity

Appointed as Objectivity Finance Director in 2016. He has over 19 years’ experience in various finance roles. Michał has been a member of FCCA since 2009, as a Polish Chartered Accountant and Certified Internal Auditor.

M Jankowski 02

Michał Jankowski

Cloud Lead Technologist, Objectivity

Cloud Lead Technologist, Microsoft MVP in AI and Azure, an architect, designer, team leader and trainer. He began programming in the early ’90s from Basic and Assembler for 8-bit computers. During most of his career, he was delivering .NET platform targeted application for the world’s largest companies. Currently, he is specialising in developing web applications in the classic and low-code approaches and areas related to Microsoft Azure.

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