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Updating and safeguarding ZISHI’s trading simulation platform

Leading financial services education and training provider, ZISHI, revitalise platform to achieve increased security and scalability.

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ZISHI is at the forefront of financial education and training. A recognised global leader, they provide programmes spanning the breadth of financial services for professionals, corporations and leaders, and every level of trading. Delivered by their global network of subject matter experts and as a trusted training partner, ZISHI supports clients in building resilience through knowledge and mastering tomorrow’s success.

Industry Financial Services, Education
Technology Java 8, Legacy Modernisation, Development

Key Achievements

  • Enhanced security thanks to library and framework update
  • Transition to Java 8.0 resulting in improved stability and guaranteed support
  • Up-to-date documentation streamlining future fixes and enhancements

The problems 

Business Needs

As a leader in financial education, ZISHI offers a comprehensive portfolio of training options to individuals, teams, and organisations. An important part of their offering is the Volcube platform, a trading simulation and learning solution. Acknowledging the platform’s potential, several educational institutions and industry partners expressed interest in collaboration with ZISHI. The goal would be to further develop and enhance Volcube, elevating it into an even more effective educational tool.

Since the platform made its debut several years ago, ZISHI recognised the need for revitalisation. This entailed ensuring that all the features and safety mechanisms were up-to-date and in good working order.

To achieve this, ZISHI engaged in discussions with Objectivity’s representatives, who proposed the execution of a thorough audit and health check as the first step. This evaluation paved the way for a comprehensive proposal outlining the approach, required actions, and anticipated outcomes. With a clear understanding of the scope of work and shared objectives, ZISHI entrusted the project to the Objectivity team.

The solutions 

Project Details 

Objectivity commenced the project by addressing the most pressing points revealed in the audit, which included improving the overall security of the solution. Additionally, the team focused on fixing the platform’s core functionality while ensuring its consistent performance.

As part of their efforts, Objectivity undertook a thorough documentation overhaul aimed at simplifying future platform maintenance. In parallel, the team mapped the existing access levels to understand the access management process and identify potential improvements. With that knowledge, the team established a testing environment to validate all planned changes without compromising the production environment.

Subsequently, the team began the implementation of the necessary enhancements and updated libraries and frameworks, priming the application for a full-scale update. This entailed a comprehensive library update and the transition from the previously used Java 1.6 to Java 8.0. While the process presented complexities, adopting the latest Java version would result in greater stability of the platform and guaranteed long-term support of the technology.

The ensuing development phase demanded an in-depth understanding of the platform and its aspects, so that the team could ensure consistent performance after the compiler upgrade. Libraries not supported by the newer version were either recreated or replaced with suitable alternatives. Furthermore, the Objectivity team created a centralised code repository, consolidating the entire codebase into one location, which would also contribute to streamlined maintenance and support in the future.

Throughout the entire project, ZISHI remained well-informed about the progress, thanks to the transparent communication maintained by the Objectivity team. Regular updates included detailed explanations of actions taken and the rationale behind them, along with a breakdown of the required budget. This transparency empowered ZISHI to make informed decisions regarding the project's direction and priorities.

The results 

Business Benefits

Upon the conclusion of the project, the Volcube platform has been thoroughly updated, resulting in a more robust and scalable solution. Security enhancements have fortified the platform, enabling it to safely interact with third-party suppliers, protect sensitive data, and accommodate forthcoming security updates.

The key fixes delivered by the Objectivity team ensure that the platform remains functional, and its environment is equipped with up-to-date and well-supported components, services, and operating system. ZISHI can rest assured they now possess a reliable and sustainable educational tool.

The newly installed metrics enable the monitoring of the app’s performance and facilitate data-driven decision-making. Furthermore, the addition of resource alerts allows ZISHI to proactively detect and prevent potential application failures, further enhancing the platform’s stability.

The comprehensive refresh of the platform’s documentation ensures that it is now up-to-date and well-catalogued. The documentation provides a clear outline of further fixes and enhancements, streamlining future updates and maintenance.

With Volcube revitalised, ZISHI gained the confidence required to show the platform to potential partners, opening the door to new collaboration opportunities.

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