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Unifying processes & increasing revenue with digital transformation

Knight Frank’s new CRM solution enables the company to rapidly respond to market changes and build close customer relationships.

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Knight Frank

Knight Frank LLP

Knight Frank LLP, founded in London, UK in 1896, is an estate agency as well as a residential and commercial property consultancy. Since its establishment, it has grown to become one of the world’s largest property consultancies with over 500 global offices worldwide and over 18,000 of staff.

Industry Retail
Technology Azure, AngularJS, ElasticSearch, CQRS

Key Achievements

  • Over 2,000 users taking advantage of Knight Frank’s ‘hub’ on a daily basis
  • The ‘hub’ solutions allows for the creation of thousands of records and hundreds of thousands of system operations
  • ‘Hub’ supports Knight Frank’s branches in 6 countries and on 4 continents

The challenge

Business Need

With over 500 global offices and 18,000 of staff, Knight Frank wanted to create a technology system that could serve as a single source of client and property knowledge all over the world. The system would enable Knight Frank to better meet the needs of the company’s global client base. Having a centralised system would ensure a high-quality experience across all branches and for all customers, regardless of location and for the first time expose client and property knowledge which had been siloed in separate applications.

Knight Frank also wanted to gain greater control over their operations. To enable this, they needed to find a way to render their new solution more independent of the various licence and software vendors they were working with. This would not only help them to act on business-critical decisions more quickly but would also reduce operational costs.
As such, the company decided to create ‘hub’ — a bespoke technology system designed to make it easier for agents to connect clients with the properties, all from within one application. The new system would also aim to greatly increase cross-selling.

The solution

Product Details

To develop the ‘hub’ project, Knight Frank decided to partner with Objectivity. The overarching goal of the development effort was to create a robust, multifunctional system that would enable the staff to easily manage clients and property transactions. The Objectivity development team and UX experts delivered the backend and frontend of the solution and ensured that all user-facing features provided a consistently good user experience.

The solution — ‘hub’ — is a globally capable CRM, and residential and commercial, property transaction management system. It has a range of many unique features and functionalities related to properties and property market transactions, such as:

  • managing customers’ requirements, activities, and tenancies,
  • map integration,
  • paperless contracts,
  • automated content translation,
  • automatic currency unit conversion,
  • flexible reporting and document generation,
  • integration with other systems, including Knight Frank’s website
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With Objectivity’s great help, we developed a system that connects people and properties, which is fundamental to fulfilling our clients’ needs.

Andrew Radwell

Partner at Knight Frank LLP

The results

Business Benefits

‘Hub’ was created as an answer to Knight Frank’s key business aim — to make their unique offering more effective by using data intelligently to build close client relationships, and to improve performance.
The new system enables the company to connect clients and property in the most fitting, optimal manner possible. Since its implementation, ‘hub’ has become the heart of Knight Frank and serves a fundamental role in helping the company to meet their client needs and expectations.
Having built their own software solution to manage listings and relationships, Knight Frank is positioned to continue delivering outstanding client experiences, now and in the future.

The cohesion and unity provided by ‘hub’ has centralised Knight Frank’s way of working and generated opportunities to search, analyse, and serve clients. The new system now serves as a central source of all contact, company, and property information and is additionally integrated with their other key systems.

Being a modern web application, it enables Knight Frank’s agents to use it virtually anywhere, on any device — be it via web or mobile phone. It offers flexible reporting, inbuilt mapping, currency unit conversion, and many other industry-leading features.
The company decided to build ‘hub’ as a bespoke solution to ensure that the new system ideally meets their specific needs and helps them to gain a greater competitive advantage in the market.

Having been equipped with the right technology, the company is able to share information more efficiently, which in turn helps them to win more clients. With ‘hub’, a representative of any of their teams (commercial, residential, etc.) can access the data records to answer clients’ questions quickly and accurately. This is because information such as whether a property has been sold or recently become available, can now be shared with the click of a button.

Creating ‘hub’ was one of the company’s key steps in its digital transformation. Knight Frank plans to incorporate many other technological advancements within their business to enable growth and innovation.
Since its implementation, ‘hub’ has helped Knight Frank navigate the challenges posed by Covid-19 and respond rapidly to changing requirements and support the UK business through one of the busiest periods in its operational history.

Measurable outcomes

Results by Numbers

Currently, over 2,000 users take advantage of ‘hub’ every day. They create thousands of records every month, across both commercial and residential markets, resulting in hundreds of thousands of system operations.
‘Hub’ supports Knight Frank’s branches in 6 countries and on 4 continents, managing a portfolio consisting of millions of contacts, properties, and companies.




This case study has been produced by Objectivity Ltd. Knight Frank LLP is not in partnership with Objectivity Ltd and any third party is responsible for making their own enquiries to ensure the quality and services provided by Objectivity Ltd meet their needs. Knight Frank accepts no liability or indemnity for any services provided by Objectivity Ltd to any third party.

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