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Increasing market share with a new stock management system

We have been actively supporting our Client in their efforts to increase the market share, by expanding their business model, establishing a chain of smaller, local convenient stores.

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The Client

The Client, a big company listed on the London Stock Exchange, retails groceries through a chain of supermarkets and an online home delivery service. The Company serves customers across the UK through approximately 500 stores and offers food and groceries, much of which it sources and processes through fully own manufacturing facilities (over 10 sites across Britain).

Industry Retail
Technology MVC, SQL Server, SSIS, VB6

Key Achievements

  • Application quality improved with the use of new technologies
  • System stability guaranteed by continuous support
  • Increased stock capacity thanks to the new management system

The challenge

Business Need

Our Client’s brand has been well known for many years in the United Kingdom. Up until 2014 the company focused only on big supermarkets. At this point, the number of their supermarkets spread across the UK, with a total number of stores exceeding 500. In connection with the aim of increasing the market share and being more accessible to consumers, the Client’s management decided to open a chain of smaller markets under its logo in the UK.

The challenge was to extend the capability and capacity of systems supporting the replenishment and stock management processes. The proposed solution involved both extending the functionality of existing systems, by adding new processes, tailored for specific needs of the convenience chain, but also to overcome the limited capacity of the systems, limited only to few hundred of unique entities.

The solution

Project Details

In connection with the customer’s needs, we established a dedicated 15-strong team, who were responsible for the entire application and specific functionalities. During the project, on the basis of the client’s vision for the applications, we developed the technical design, hugely participated in an architecture design, development, implementation, and support of the system after the release. On the course of the endeavour, we rebuilt the existing dedicated system SMS 2.0 and launched new, improved SMS 2.5, bringing the stock replenishment functionality to the convenience chain, carefully designed and developed application, to provide efficient and fit-to-need solution. In parallel we were responsible for a great deal of 4-Digit programme applications, aimed to expand the capacity of the systems dedicated to stock management. The delivered solution increased the space of stores’ identifiers by an order of magnitude. In addition, the finale phase of the programme resulted in the conversion of the stores, originally set up in 3Digit namespace into 4Digit.

A significant part of the 4 Digit programme was also to enable the communication with Evolve ERP, being integrated across the organisation at the time. From the technical perspective, the solutions are based on all sorts of technologies, from MVC, through SQL/SSIS , eventually requiring even VB6.

The results

Business Benefits

The system was implemented in over 150 stores in the UK. The quality of applications we have created is unprecedented (perfect graphic design, the use of a completely new technology, architecture). The application has ongoing support in the form of a dedicated customer support team here in Poland, who monitor the application daily. Due to our commitment the client gets a quantifiable result – increased market share. We believe the main client’s requirement has been fulfilled.

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