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Recruiting with a chatbot

Exceptional communication and real-time response are crucial in the professional recruitment process. User experience has become increasingly important when it comes to talent acquisition. Chatbot can improve candidate experience without loading recruiters with repetitive work.

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Alexander Mann Solutions

Alexander Mann Solutions (AMS)

Our Client, a global talent acquisition and management company, employs over 4,000 experts, operating in dozens of languages, and over 90 countries. The company’s main focus is to provide unrivalled experience, capability and thought leadership to help attract, engage and retain talent for business success.

Industry Human Resources
Technology Microsoft Azure, LUIS

Key Achievements

  • AMS became automation leaders in their industry
  • The company improved their key KPI the time to hire
  • Document processing is 20x faster

The challenge

Business Need

Alexander Mann Solutions were facing many recurring enquiries from candidates and responding to all of them on time was a very time-consuming process for recruiters. The additional challenge was, enquiries were not routed to the right person first time or the person was unavailable.

Applicants and customers tend to call with similar requests, especially at the early stages of the recruitment process, which engages employees, creating high volume of repetitive tasks. AMS wanted to improve the responsiveness, accuracy and end-to-end experience for everyone.


The solution

Project Details

After a workshop session with the Client, Objectivity identified that all these most repetitive tasks could be easily automated by a chatbot. The main goal was to deliver a bot that would provide a new conversational experience supporting the candidates. Our intention wasn’t to replace a human, but rather support employees in their roles, enabling them to spend more time building rapport with candidates and focus more on candidate experience. 

The main challenge was to design and utilise an appropriate testing methodology, which should include all possible scenarios generated by users. Our team was responsible for designing the appropriate architecture and properly integrating all components with other modules currently used by the company. Moreover, the bot was implemented into Client’s existing environment. 

The new chatbot talks and engages with its users through a messaging app. The Bot Framework provides connectors for various types of channels like Skype, Slack, Facebook, etc. It also supplies a DirectLine API which can contact any other channel. 

The Chatbot also provides functionality for Client’s recruitment specialists, providing answers to frequently asked HR-related questions. The bot adapted dialogues and scenarios prepared in cooperation with the Client so that the tone and language were aligned with company’s brand and values. The Language Understanding Intelligent System (LUIS) we used enables the bot to search for, or intentionally ignore, key words to help identify the most relevant answer to the query. 


The results

Business Benefits

The Chatbot we designed is just a part of a bigger solution which is a complex platform used by Alexander Mann Solutions. Objectivity created an architecture which will allow other bots to be added to the portal in the future. Currently the bot can answer a lot of the most frequently asked questions included in the client’s scenarios.

There are still countless possibilities for the bot’s development: automated reminders and requests, meeting scheduling or various instructions just to name a few. It significantly lowers the time and cost of the whole recruitment process, allowing employees to focus on more complex queries and quality as well as enhance customer experience. The chatbot we created made the client’s portal more attractive and user friendly, and thus it has become one of the greatest assets of that solution.

Key achievements

  1. Increased customer satisfaction.
  2. Cost reduction.
  3. Efficient recruitment process.
  4. Automation of the most repetitive and tedious tasks.



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