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Integrating a transcription engine into an edtech company’s learning app

The Client wanted to improve their app user support by integrating a third-party transcription tool into their application.

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About the Client

The Client is an educational technology company focused on providing effective tools for learning and note-taking in the age of information overload. In realising their mission, they are using assistive technology to make the learning process more inclusive for students of all abilities.

Industry Manufacturing, Retail
Technology Kotlin, React

Key Achievements

  • Successful, timely integration of the transcription engine with the existing app
  • The ability to retain the Client’s competitive advantage in the edtech market
  • A response to the needs expressed by the user base

The challenge

Business Need

The Client is an education technology company with a mission to make learning better and more inclusive. They achieve this goal with an application that assists learners in taking notes effectively. To keep their competitive advantage and to respond to the needs of their customers, the Client was seeking to implement a feature with the automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology. The new feature would provide crucial functionality that would enable the company to keep innovating in a demanding market. 

The Client already had a successful edtech product, and the next step was providing a service that converted audio recordings made by students into text. What they needed was a reliable technology partner to assist with the integration. They selected Objectivity for this project because of the company’s extensive experience, strong technology expertise, and excellent cultural fit between the organisations.

The solution

Project Details

The solution was delivered collaboratively by a team comprising members from both organisations, with the Client’s Solution Architect guiding the project. After thorough tests and the validation of the Voice Gain transcription engine, the joint team started working on the integration. 

For the back end, the team needed to ensure that the communication between the ASR engine and the existing application was seamless and effective. The implemented mechanism based on Kotlin is also responsible for queuing and processing the requests. 

The priority for the front-end React developers was to ensure that the new feature was user-friendly and intuitive. They created a separate ‘Text View’ for displaying the transcribed content, which had access to all the previously existing features. This made the transcription not only an added feature but a comprehensive, integral part of an advanced edtech solution. 

The transcription engine helps students refine their notes. It’s designed to be a vital part of the learning process and encourages learners to engage in the lectures.  

While the Client’s success reaches far beyond the company’s original target audience of people with learning disabilities, accessibility remains incredibly important for the organisation. The solution had to meet specific accessibility guidelines to support as many different user groups as possible.  

Objectivity’s agility and goal-oriented approach enabled the delivery of an excellent solution within the agreed timeline. The transcription feature went live as planned and quickly became popular among the app’s user base.

The results

Business Benefits

The new transcription feature was implemented seamlessly and has further increased the satisfaction of the application’s users. By introducing this capability, the Client was able to swiftly respond to the requests and inquiries made by the students who use the solution in everyday learning. 

The implementation of the ASR engine provides a purposeful transcription tool that supports effective note-taking and better student outcomes. It also facilitates strong time management in the learning process.  

In addition to making their services more attractive to existing customers, the Client can now acquire new user groups — people in need of a well-designed, accessible transcription tool that promotes active listening and student engagement. 

The company has reinforced its position as an innovative educational technology provider, which helps them retain the competitive advantage they achieved over the years of helping students. With this new addition, the Client can continue to excel at their mission to facilitate learning.

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