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Helping fight against the spread of COVID-19 false information

A Cloud and AI based chatbot capable of verifying coronavirus-related news stories.

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Polish Press Agency (PAP)

The Polish Press Agency (PAP) is a public press agency that gathers and disseminates reliable, objective, and comprehensive domestic and foreign information to its clients. During the COVID-19 pandemic, PAP wanted to build a chatbot solution that would enable users to verify online content published about the coronavirus.

The challenge

Business Need

The Polish Press Agency (PAP) and GovTech have been facing an influx of disinformation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To counteract the spread of false news insights, they decided to create an automated digital solution that would give society access to reliable, fast, and verified coronavirus information. The solution had to be delivered and integrated with an existing system within just 1 week. To successfully meet this challenge, Objectivity developed a reliable, scalable, and cost-effective cloud-based chatbot solution.


The solution

Project Details

As the PAP was already working with Amazon Web Services (AWS), the company decided to leverage knowledge and existing resources to ensure fast delivery.

Bots employ Natural Language Processing (NLP) rather than conversational interfaces, making them uniquely fast, flexible, and extendable. Thanks to Google Cloud and its Dialogflow service, the Objectivity team was able to deliver a reliable and stable solution in terms of NLP processing.

PAP approached Objectivity as they needed an experienced and trusted cloud solutions delivery partner. The technical experts from Objectivity’s team created a backend API on AWS, which is tailored in a way that enables it to be used by the bot. The team also adopted, trained, and integrated Google Dialogflow.

By using cloud services, both from AWS and Google Cloud, the team managed to measurably decrease the development, testing, and automation time of the entire software delivery pipeline. For the AWS-based part of the solution, they followed Well Architected Framework principles, and for the remaining parts of the application, they adopted Google Dialogflow. This enabled the team to create the solution quickly and efficiently, having to only slightly adjust the bot to meet PAP’s requirements.

Additionally, by having integrated the bot with an external source of knowledge, the new FakeHunter Chatbot solution supports the fully automated process of bot training.

The results

Business Benefits

Having access to verified, truthful information during a pandemic is crucial – it can help people feel more at ease and, at times, it could even help save lives. Whereas, in contrast, the spread of false information regarding the coronavirus pandemic can inflame fear and create chaos amongst society.

By choosing Objectivity as the solution provider both PAP and GovTech were able to benefit from a range of professional services provided by the team, in particular:

  • Business idea validation
  • Innovative approach to meet the time-to-market goal
  • Cloud native approach
  • DevOps approach
  • Continuous integration and delivery
  • Unit testing and end-to-end testing
  • All phases of delivery assured and realised
  • Application support post-delivery

As a result of the project, the new FakeHunter chatbot helps society to easily and automatically verify whether the information they consume is in fact authentic and truthful.

About PAP & GovTech

The Polish Press Agency (PAP) is a state-owned enterprise (SOE) operating based on a bill dating back to 31 July 1997. Under this law, PAP is a public press agency that gathers and disseminates reliable, objective, and comprehensive domestic and foreign information to its clients.

The GovTech Polska programme is a Task Force operating at the Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland (Kancelaria Prezesa Rady Ministrów, KPRM), under the Prime Minister's direct supervision and patronage. The Team is responsible for horizontal, cross-ministerial strategic projects concerning innovation, new technologies, and digitisation.

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The cloud-based automated solution developed by Obejctivity enabled us to provide Polish society with access to fast, reliable, and verified COVID-19 information. Best of all, the team was able to deliver the chatbot solution within the span of a single week!

Agnieszka Ożadowicz


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