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Enhancing the user experience of Foodsi’s mobile application

Foodsi decided to refresh their application’s design and improve its user experience. Objectivity was chosen to enhance the app’s look and feel.

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Foodsi is the company behind a mobile application with a mission to reduce food waste. It allows producers (restaurants, bakeries etc.) to sell their surplus food at a discount price to environmentally aware consumers.

Industry Food & Sustainability
Technology UX Design, UI Design, Motion Design

Key Achievements

  • Successful rebranding of the application without user churn
  • Improved customer experience thanks to a simplified app architecture
  • Approximately 200,000 users in Poland
  • The new app is rated 4.7 on the AppStore and 4.6 on Google Play

The challenge

Business Need

Foodsi's aim was to create a mobile application that would help reduce the amount of food being wasted. To realise this goal, the company created the Foodsi app, which allows restaurants and bakeries to sell their surplus products to users at a discount price. For the application to succeed, both producers and consumers need to like its look and feel, as well as want to come back and use it again. This makes flawless user experience a necessity.
After the launch of the application, Foodsi collected extensive feedback from its user base. The data suggested that there were certain areas for improvement pertaining to the design and user experience of the application. As such, the client decided to look for a capable technology partner to improve the solution’s design and create a stronger connection with the target audience.

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Our main goal is to inspire everyone to take action against food waste. A big part of making that a reality is that we need a product that our users want to come back to. Objectivity helped us make a beautiful, functional app in accordance with our business needs and helped us take Foodsi to the next level.

Mateusz Kowalczyk


The solution

Project Details

At the beginning of the engagement, Objectivity conducted joint workshops with Foodsi to get a detailed understanding of the user feedback, allowing them to create a precise plan of action. As a result of the workshops, they identified two key areas in need of improvement. The first was branding that didn’t communicate the application’s mission well enough and wasn’t attractive to the target audience. The second was the need to improve and streamline user experience.


The new branding and illustrations were prepared by a third-party design studio, whereas Objectivity implemented the UX improvements and prepared wireframe prototypes of user flows to validate the initial direction of improvements. Next, the team used the new branding to create high-fidelity mock-ups as well as the UI design and animations that would later be used in the final application to improve its feel and user experience.

Once all the UX improvements were prepared, the Objectivity team used Flutter to help the application developers implement the enhanced design of the Foodsi app. This way, they could ensure that everything works as intended and the designers’ vision is well represented in the final product.


The results

Business Benefits

The new, redesigned version of the application went live in August 2021. It has since been used by around 200,000 users in Poland, generating more than 14 million sessions. Foodsi now features a functional design that clearly communicates its mission to save food, and the app’s user experience is streamlined and more intuitive than before.

The refreshed app helps Foodsi reach their target audience and build a loyal user base, which can be attested to by improved ratings — 4.7 on the AppStore and 4.6 on Google Play. The decision to rebrand and improve their application has helped Foodsi to solve an important business problem that was stopping them from achieving their goals. The changes continue to allow Foodsi to better serve its mission to promote sustainability and reduce food waste.

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