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Drug ordering system

Objectivity created a new, more resilient system to handle Hospira’s evolving global pharmaceutical business.

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Hospira is a global pharmaceutical and medical company dedicated to Advancing Wellness™. They develop, manufacture and deliver products that help improve the productivity and safety of patient care.

Industry Medical, Healthcare
Technology Microsoft ASP.NET, SQL Server, Reporting services, JQuery

Key Achievements

  • Secure and fully automated online ordering
  • Significant error reduction
  • Reduced manual effort
  • Data driven workflows and exception reports
  • Increased system resilience

The challenge

Business Need

Hospira had a Microsoft Access application for storing patient and medication details. All external communication was via fax and telephone calls. Hospira decided to create a new, more resilient system to handle their evolving business model. Hospitals and other medical institutions would have direct, secure access to the new system to allow online ordering and progress tracking.

The solution

Project Details

Objectivity created an online, web based solution using Microsoft technologies. Users with appropriate credentials may access the system from anywhere in the world. The application tracks all orders and their current state of manufacture. Strict security protocols are in place for this system; it passed a formal government inspection before going live. The solution includes a dedicated workflow engine, a secure and encrypted data repository and a comprehensive set of operational reports. We migrated all of the existing data to the new system with no interruption to the business.

The results

Business Benefits

The system has been live for over twelve months and continues to support Hospira and their ever increasing customer base. Online ordering means a significant reduction in manual administration and processing errors. In summary, orders for life-saving medication are processed more quickly and accurately leading to corresponding improvements in patient care and well-being.

Key achievements

  1. Secure and fully automated online ordering.
  2. Significant error reduction.
  3. Reduced manual effort.
  4. Data driven workflows and exception reports.
  5. Increased system resilience.

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